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The Restore Infusion Therapy

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The Restore Effect - Our Patient's Experience with Restore:

"Rock bottom and out of options is where I found myself in 2016. Suffering from 2 to 3 partial/myoclonic seizures per week, intractable migraines and severe clinic depression, had left me broken and struggling to find the will to keep going.

I went through years of the awful gauntlet of tests and prescription meds whose side effects were as horrible as my conditions and did nothing to relieve my symptoms. My quality of life, due to all my health issues, had slowly disappeared and with 4 amazing children to care for, all hope had left me. Then one day I came across a report about Ketamine therapy on NPR radio and started researching and was quickly led to Dr. Grass. After having years of awful experiences with neurologists, I was absolutely blown away by his balance of professionalism and impeccable bedside manner after our initial phone call.

That first treatment gave me my life back! The entire experience is absolutely incredible. Dr. Grass and Charlene are THE most genuine and caring individuals you will ever encounter in the medical field. They truly focus on treating the whole patient and are there guiding every step of the way. Best decision of my life."

SC - Milwaukee, WI

The Most Remarkable Breakthrough
In The Last 50 Years...

It is now becoming common knowledge that ketamine is the most effective and rapid treatment available for many disorders including depression, migraines and Fibromyalgia. Even the major drug companies, including  Johnson & Johnson, Janssen and Allergan are stopping research into older antidepressants and rushing into the development of new drugs that they hope will come close to duplicating the rapid and remarkable benefits of the ketamine infusion. 

There is little wonder why this is happening when you consider the dramatic improvements that can occur in just 24 hours after just a single infusion.   Just compare the effectiveness of the Restore Infusion in the treatment of depression to standard antidepressant medications and even the most aggressive form of conventional therapy - ECT...

*2 or more antidepressants in combination and/or the addition of mood stabilizers or atypical antidepressants,  with psychotherapy and/or ECT - Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Compendium - American Psychiatric Association

The Restore Infusion can be rapidly effective in the treatment of depression, migraines and fibromyalgia with relief that can begin within minutes to hours after the first infusion. This may be due to it remarkable effective to block a specific brain chemical known as "glutamate" and to “reboot” the brain.

One of the factor known to contribute not only to depression, but migraines and Fibromyalgia as well is the neurotransmitter known as “glutamate”. It has been implicated in the development and progression of depression and other conditions by "disconnecting" important brain networks and disrupting normal healthy communication. It's like someone has "turned off" all of the light switches in a big house and now it is dark and gloomy. The Restore Infusion effectively blocks glutamate at the receptor site (that little switch which triggers the reaction) in the brain and rapidly "reconnects" the system and turns the lights back on.

No single antidepressant medication or combination of medications can compare to the rapid and effective response seen with the Restore Infusion. And Restore, unlike standard generic ketamine,  is equally effective for Migraine Headaches and Fibromyalgia.  So, it is easy to see why many of the top scientists, physicians  and researchers in the country are calling this therapy "the most remarkable breakthrough in the last 50 years."

Migraine Effectiveness

Fibromyalgia Effectiveness

What You Need To Know About This Breakthrough Therapy

We are the only center in the United States that offers both the Restore Ketamine Infusion and the Yale-National Institute of Health "Standard" ketamine infusion protocols.   Each has its advantages and it is important to recognize the difference between them to determine which might be best for your individual needs.  Below is a comparison chart to illustrate the benefits of each protocol:

Standard Infusion:
The standard protocol is effective for the treatment of mood disorders including depression, anxiety and PTSD but less so for migraines and fibromyalgia. Please be aware that it is not effective for the treatment of chronic pain syndromes.  The individual cost for each infusion while less,  requires more infusions over a longer period of time in the initial series to become effective and then also requires monthly maintenance “booster” infusions to maintain the benefit.

Restore Infusion Therapy:
The Restore Infusion is more efficient and effective for a wider range of conditions and lasts significantly longer that the standard infusion. In addition, Restore Infusion Therapy does not require monthly maintenance infusions. In fact, after 3-4 “booster” infusions given over 3-6-month intervals, patients often do not require any further treatments.

Each infusion has certain advantages, so it is important to determine which best suits your individual needs.  We will be happy to discuss both of these options with you to determine the best treatment option to suit your specific needs.

Experience and Expertise Are Important

Ketamine Clinics are now becoming more common in some communities and unfortunately can vary widely in terms of quality, experience and expertise. But what they all share in common is that they are using an older generic ketamine infusion protocol that was developed almost 20 years ago. Most of the physician providing infusion therapy are not even aware that the ketamine infusion used today was never originally intended to help treat depression.

Many  physicians providing ketamine infusion therapy have relatively little clinical experience with ketamine and were never trained in ketamine infusion therapy.  Because of that, and with all good intentions, they rely on what they learned by reading a few research reports and a old infusion protocol developed 20 years ago that, while remarkably good, is not as effective as it could be and can have wide ranging effects.

Despite those limitations the "standard"  generic ketamine infusion is obviously much more effective than current antidepressant therapy, with 50-70% of patients obtaining relief. And that's a great improvement, but to achieve that response is not easy.  Typical older ketamine infusion therapy is very time consuming and inconvenient.  It requires as many as 6 infusions,  one infusion every other day for 12 to 14 days.  That amount of time away from work or family can be very difficult for many people to find and sometimes very costly. And if patients do feel better after the infusions, then they need to continue with maintenance infusions every 3-4 weeks after that to maintain the benefit. That can be difficult and costly too.

Could it be better?...We think so!

Helping people who suffer from depression, migraines and Fibromyalgia with infusion therapy can be very challenging and requires experience and expertise.  There are many factors to consider when approaching complex medical issues such as these.

Today, the only factor that many physicians consider when determining your treatment is adjusting the total milligram dose of ketamine to your measured body weight.  Obviously, it's not that simple. Using that approach often leads to “under dosing” some patients and “over dosing others” due to their body composition and individual metabolism.  This is just one reason why the results vary widely in terms of a person's response to ketamine and its overall effectiveness.

Nonetheless, even with that simplistic approach, the effectiveness of ketamine is far superior to conventional,  antidepressant treatments.  But could you make it better, more effective and longer lasting?

...we train physicians to do it better too!


What Our Patients Are Saying About The Restore Infusion

"In August I was in the worst depression of my life, feeling as if it would never end. After having a negative experience with ketamine and a treatment provider abruptly stopping treatment during a series of ketamine infusions, we began looking elsewhere and knew that if it was not done the right way it could be lethal.

While researching ketamine infusion centers we came across, Ketamine Research Institute. Dr. Grass spent an hour on the phone with us and we had an appointment within the week. I had three infusions which literally in every sense of the word restored my life within a week.

They can only be explained by a miracle. I am now on the least amount of psychiatric medications I have been since I was 13 years old. I enjoy my life each and every day. Don’t get me wrong everyone has there ups and downs and I do, but I’m able to brush it off. I’ve been given the gift of being able to smile a real true smile again!

I feel like me, better than me. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am going back to school to finish my master’s degree and my husband and I our relationship is just like it used to be."

EP - New York, NY

How This Was Discovered - 1994-2000

You may already know that ketamine is widely recognized as the most effective, rapidly acting and safe medication available for the treatment of chronic pain, depression and anxiety.  Many research studies have shown that it is significantly more effective than conventional antidepressant therapy and works many times faster than traditional antidepressant medications.

But did you know that the standard generic "ketamine infusion" that is currently used around the country was developed as part of a research protocol at Yale University in the mid to late 1990’s as a method to develop a model for another mood disorder, schizophrenia, and not to treat depression. It was only several years later when a brain transmitter know as "glutamate" was thought to be involved in depression that the same protocol was used again; this time on a few patients with depression and it was found that 4 out of 8 of them had relief of their depression. That study was published in 2000 by physicians at the Yale University School of Medicine and that "low-dose" infusion has since become the “standard” ketamine infusion.

The "Standard" Infusion

Today most, if not all, ketamine treatment centers and research institutions are still using the same "standard" generic ketamine infusion protocol developed years ago. What those other centers don't often realize is that not only was it originally developed to study another psychological condition, not depression; but that it was developed with the intention to use the least amount of medication possible to produce a mild effect, and not the most effective method or formulation to treat depression. The result is you need 6 infusions over 2 weeks to obtain the benefit and monthly "booster" infusions...we knew it could be better.

During those very early days of ketamine therapy, it was clear that we didn’t know two very important things. We didn’t know the most effective dose of ketamine to use and we didn’t know how to make it last longer. I knew from my prior experience with ketamine treatment, that when I used at varying doses, I could achieve almost instant and complete relief of chronic pain or depression.

Improving Upon The Standard Infusion

That was great start but, as with other ketamine centers today using the older standard infusion, the effects only lasted a few weeks. Was there an optimal dose of ketamine for each condition and could it be administered in a way to make it last longer? Yes, there was.

After years of research, we have discovered the right dose of medication, for the right person, with the right condition to obtain the best results. I have spent years improving on the “standard” generic ketamine infusion, treating hundreds of patients with complex pain, depression and anxiety disorders.  You can see the difference for yourself.

The Ketamine Institute was founded to continually improve and perfect ketamine treatment for depression and pain. We have improved on the original standard ketamine infusion, making it the most effective, efficient and longest lasting ketamine infusion available. More than that, we are leading the way in the field of ketamine infusion therapy and physician education by establishing the first International Training Program for Physicians in Ketamine Infusion Therapy to bring the latest breakthrough discoveries about ketamine out of the research lab and into physician's worldwide. 

What patients are saying about Restore and the Ketamine Institute


What The NIH Says About Ketamine

"Recent data suggest that ketamine, given intravenously, might be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades"....

Thomas Insel MD, Director, National Institute of Mental Health

Restore Infusion Therapy is the next generation of ketamine therapy.  It is more effective than the generic standard ketamine infusion and can last 3 times longer.  Another advantage of Restore over the standard infusion is that you only need 3 infusions over just 3 days to complete the treatment. So you can begin with the Restore infusion series on a Friday and be back at home on Sunday.

The best chance for rapid relief from depression and pain comes from the most advanced and effective treatment available. We all know that generic medication rarely work as well as the brand name. Restore Infusion Therapy is more effective and longer lasting than other generic ketamine treatments, giving you the best chances of getting better.

Everyone is different. I know from long years of working with many patients that the “one size fits all” standard approach other ketamine treatment centers use doesn’t work well for everyone. That’s why we take your individual needs into account.

Restore is more effective because each Restore Infusion session is individually formulated and customized to your unique circumstances and conditions, so you know that you will receive the best possible ketamine treatment that’s right for you.

The Benefits of a Customized Approach - A Patient's Perspective

"In short I can give the Restore clinic and Dr. Grass’s technique nothing but 5 stars. Before we even started the infusion, we talked for hours about the treatment, what to expect, etc. The infusions themselves were pleasant, and afterwards was even better because at the end of the three days I was completely void of depression and anxiety. For someone who doesn’t know what that’s like, it’s like a veil was lifted from my brain and I was left with not only the huge weight gone, but my emotional and mental capacity skyrocketed. I didn’t realize how much I was missing just by feeling so dead inside. This wasn’t a ‘treatment’ for me to make me more comfortable in my less than optimal state (ie. anti-depressants and talk therapy) . This was a lifesaving cure for something that is named incurable.

I cannot than Dr. Grass enough for literally giving me the life back that I didn’t know I wasn’t living. His method is superior to the other clinics, but until we actually talked to him and he explained why, it didn’t make sense. My specific metabolism breaks down ketamine extremely fast and effectively, but that also means I needed more than a regular person for it to be effective. Dr. Grass was able to raise it to the levels I needed for the treatment to work. Let me be clear, other clinics would not have done that despite being under direct supervision during the infusions. That made the difference between me being completely cured and just feeling better than before. Overall, I cannot thank Dr. Grass enough. And I would also like to mention that the receptionist Charlene is an absolute delight. She was super helpful during the application process and getting paperwork in that I needed to get the infusions. By far the most diligent and effective clinic I’ve ever been to. If you think you need it, I recommend to get the infusions. It’s the most ‘worth it’ thing I’ve ever done."

MA - Jackson, MS


The Restore Infusion Therapy Difference

If you suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety or PTSD and have not had relief with prescription medication or other traditional approaches, then Restore Infusion Therapy may be an option for you.

The first step in your journey should be to find a physician who is trained and qualified to administer ketamine according to the American Psychiatric Association and American Society of Anesthesiologists guidelines.

To become an expert in any field you must devote all of your time and attention to what you do best. Anyone can read a cookbook...but that does not make them a master chef. 

The Ketamine Institute is a very specialized center devoted exclusively to ketamine treatment and educating physicians in the use of ketamine.  We focus solely on ketamine therapy to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to improve with our infusions. I take the highest possible precautions and conduct a thorough assessment of each patient’s medical history and prior treatments before accepting a patient for ketamine treatment.

Unlike other centers, I personally evaluate, select and treat each and every patient at the Ketamine Institute. I administer each Restore infusion treatment myself and only see one patient at a time, so you have my full attention throughout the entire process.  We spend a great deal of time with our patients before, during and after all infusion sessions.  This is a comprehensive and specialized treatment, so we take the time that you need to obtain the best results.

Although we receive a large number of inquiries for treatment from patients and physicians, please understand that due to our comprehensive and individually tailored approach to ketamine treatment, we can only accept a relatively small number of selected patients per month.

You wouldn't want your surgeon to walk out of the operating room in the middle of your surgery, would you?  Neither would we. It is important to remember that ketamine is first of all an anesthetic agent. And although it is a very safe medication, it must be administrated like an anesthetic agent with close, continuous supervision and monitoring by your physician. While some other centers will allow you to remain alone or with a friend, unmonitored by a physician during your ketamine infusion treatment…we do not.

We keep a close eye on you! – all the time. 

We know that your responses during our Restore Infusion are a critical factor in your treatment to ensure that you have the best possible outcome. That is why monitoring you closely during the ketamine infusion is so important to us. It provides crucial insight as to your progress and we utilize those observations to adjust, modify and enhance your infusion session each time.

So, as your physician, I never leave you alone and unattended or with an assistant in a room during your Restore infusion. And, of course, you are treated in a very private, quiet environment and never in a clinic situation with other people receiving infusions at the same time.

We understand that treatment for depression and pain is a very private matter for those involved and we go to great lengths to ensure that each client is treated in a manner that respects their privacy and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, many mood disorders still carry a certain unfounded stigma in our society. And while that is a concern to everyone, it is a special concern to many professionals including physicians, attorneys, pilots and military personnel.

For example, while doctors across America encourage their patients to share concerns about depression, anxiety, PTSD and occupational "burnout" syndrome, so they can get help from modern treatments, many studies suggest the doctors are less likely to seek help for those same concerns about themselves.

Part of the reason lies in concern that due to stigma, others may doubt their ability to keep up with a demanding profession. But there’s another factor: Many states require certain professionals to report any mental diagnosis – no matter how mild or treatable, or how far in the past – to their state or federal licensing board.  This leads many professionals to fear that seeking help for depression or anxiety could lead to restrictions on their license.

We understand these concerns and go to great lengths to protect your anonymity.

Many of our clients are very private individuals and they appreciate the fact that we are located in a small quiet beachfront location away from their place of residence. They also are appreciative of the fact that we do not seek to have our services publicized on websites that promote “ketamine clinics”.

Nonetheless, some of our patients, in an effort to help others, elect to post their honest experiences on our Facebook page and we are very grateful for their help and concern. We have included them here to help those still searching for an effective treatment alternative.

What patients are saying about the Restore Infusion

The setting in which the Restore  Infusion takes place is another important element in your overall recovery during the process. We know that the best results are achieved when our clients are away from their normal routine and stresses so they can focus solely on getting better. It is critical that after your session you are able to relax and allow the benefits of Restore to take place in your body.

We have found that a warm and relaxing beach front environment like Pensacola, FL, and our soon to open new office in the Tampa-Sarasota-Naples area, is the ideal environment to allow our clients to relax, recover and enjoy a break during their ketamine treatment. Since our patients come to us from all around the United States and Internationally, we have made it as easy as possible to have your infusions without any inconvenience or worry about lodging and transportation.  

We have partnered with Hyatt Place for special client room rates for our patients, as well as, complementary transportation to and from the Ketamine Institute for your Restore infusion sessions. So, you can literally walk off the airplane to your hotel, get comfortable, and then the hotel staff will drive you to and from your our office for your Restore Infusion treatment.

Undertaking any form of new therapy or treatment for a serious medical condition can be a concern for you and your family. So before you consider ketamine treatment with anyone, find an experienced and trained physician, ask a lot of questions and be satisfied with the answers.

Not everyone needs the Restore Infusion and many certainly do well enough with the 6 standard infusions and monthly booster infusions. However, if time does not allow for lengthy treatment and monthly follow up infusions or your condition is long standing, severe or complicated then you may benefit the most from Restore. We would be happy to answer any of your questions about Restore  or the standard ketamine infusion.

"We are committed to what we do. We will use all of our knowledge, experience, training and expertise to help you.  And while we cannot promise success in every case, we can promise and guarantee, that we will make every effort and take every step necessary to ensure that you have the best possible chances of recovery with Restore Infusion Therapy." 

That Is The Restore Infusion Therapy Difference

Learn more about the Restore Infusion Therapy difference.

Time is precious. You want to feel better as fast as you can and we do too. The Restore Infusion program only takes 3 days; not 2 weeks like other infusion programs. Better yet, we offer weekend treatments, so you can begin on Friday and be home on Sunday. Why spend all of your time and money waiting for 2 weeks to feel better?

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The Restore Infusion Difference

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