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Daily, new discoveries in science have potential revolutionary implications for health and healing. Each day scientific evidence is accumulating from pioneers in medicine, psychology and related fields that individually are “interesting” and "provocative" but it is only when they are understood in a broader context and combined in a clinically useful framework that we experience an entire shift in our understanding of how the body functions.

Ketamine Institute Opens New Center in Sarasota FL
The Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion is now available in Sarasota, FL Make every day a good day… Ketamine Research Institute, the leading international infusion center for the Restore Ultra-Rapid ketamine infusion, ...
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Restore - Freedom from Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia – A New Treatment Option It’s a simple request… you just want to feel good again. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to wake up free ...
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Migraine Relief in Minutes
Restore – A New Therapy That Can Bring Relief from Migraines in Just Minutes Image having your migraines gone in a matter of minutes. It almost sounds too good to ...
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New Ketamine Institute Physician Graduates
Ketamine Institute Training Program for Physicians The Ketamine Institute is proud to announce that we have just graduated new physicians qualified to safely and effectively perform ketamine infusion therapy for ...
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How Megan won her battle with Migraines
How Megan won her battle with Migraines Migraines can be a crippling disorder and it is the third most common disease in the world. Almost one in every five American ...
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A New Perspective on Depression...Rebooting The Brain
A New Perspective on Depression…Rebooting the Brain
One Person’s RESTORE Experience How well is your depression treatment working? Does it help a bit, but you still don’t feel as if the ...
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What New Discoveries In Depression Treatment Are Out There?
What New Discoveries In Depression Treatment Are Out There? If your current prescription medications are falling short, recent discoveries in brain imaging studies reveal a new way to treat depression ...
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Suffering from Burnout? - Ketamine May Get You Back in The Game!
Suffering from Burnout? - Ketamine May Get You Back in The Game! By Ketamine Institute staff The price many of us pay for hard work and achievement is very high ...
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What It’s Like to Have Your Severe Depression Treated With a Hallucinogenic Drug
    By Claire Landsbaum Everyone’s depression is different, but Ted, a 40-year-old resident of Portland, Oregon, describes his ...
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