Ketamine Infusion Training Programs for Physicians

Ketamine Infusion Training Programs

"Our program represents the first standardized ketamine infusion training course for physicians, promoting an effective, safe and uniform infusion protocol for the treatment of mood disorders"....

Ketamine Research Institute

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Physicians 

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Physicians is the only coordinated and comprehensive training program in the use of ketamine therapy for physicians in North America. The program meets or exceeds the American Psychiatric Association consensus recommendation for ketamine therapy and the American Society of Anesthesiology guidelines for monitoring and airway management requirements, based on the Yale-National Institute of Mental Health protocol.

The Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Physicians program is comprehensive in that its teaching content is not restricted to theory or academic interest but grounded in almost 20 years of active clinical ketamine infusion practice. All major aspects of ketamine therapy that have practical clinical value are represented in the program. The teaching approach stresses contemporary medicine and bioscience, yet addresses the full translational medicine and transpersonal aspects of ketamine therapy as derived from clinical and basic science research.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every student completing the course is competent in this new discipline and ready to incorporate it into practice. There is no other course in the country that invests as much attention and energy in each student. We are satisfied that we have created the gold standard in physician ketamine infusion therapy training.

Ketamine Research Institute

Available Courses:

Intensive Course

The Intensive "One-On-One" Course presents all the material necessary for physicians to safety and effectively provide ketamine infusion therapy to their patients in their practice environment. It is held over an intensive two-day period and covers all principles and practices necessary to begin ketamine infusion therapy. It also expands the learning experience by providing detailed information and templates pertaining office and regulatory documentation, monitoring and optimization protocols. The course in limited to 6 physicians to provide for a small group learning environment and hands-on experience.

Also, all segments of the course training are conducted “on site” in an actual infusion center so that you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed. This includes demonstration of the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe administration, storage and handling of ketamine.

We also review various options related to 2R,6R HNK pharmacokinetics to optimized the treatment efficacy and duration of benefit of the standard ketamine infusion. Physicians who complete the Intensive Course are also provided with mentoring to during the initial phases of integrating ketamine infusion therapy into their practices.

The course meets and exceeds consensus recommendations published by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.  Physician who complete this course are well versed in all the matters related to ketamine administration including, practice integration, indications/contraindications, and medico-legal issues.  Physician who complete the course are provided with certification by the Ketamine Research Institute.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Mood Disorders

Intensive Course

Offered on a private "one-to-one" basis in a small group/seminar setting.  The intensive course not only covers all of the practical aspects ketamine therapy, but expands into scientific principles allowing optimization of the basic protocol.  The course training is conducted “on site” in an actual infusion center so that you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed. This includes demonstration of the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe administration, storage and handling of ketamine.

How to effectively integrate ketamine therapy into your current practice

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All courses are provided as a "one on one" private tutorial for physicians by arrangement.


Intensive Course Description

The course content is comprehensive and integrated. It systematically embraces all major aspects of ketamine therapy and emphasizes the incorporation of ketamine therapy into contemporary professional practice.

Course Content

Day 1

Module 1 - A New Way of Looking at The Treatment of Mood Disorders
                     Are Conventional Antidepressants Obsolete?
                     Ketamine - A New Path to Depression Relief
                     The Human Connectome Project and How It Impacts Depression
                     Ketamine as Molecular Neuromodulation Therapy

Module 2 - The Current Scientific Evidence Supporting Ketamine Therapy - Part I
                    Why You Should Perform Ketamine Infusions
                    What is Ketamine - The Strange History of CI-581
                    Repurposing an Old Drug - 50+ Years of Clinical Use
                    Overview of the Current Scientific Evidence for Ketamine Therapy
                    Comparison of Ketamine Therapy vs. Standard Treatment, ECT and rTMS

Module 3 - The Current Scientific Evidence Supporting Ketamine Therapy - Part II
                    Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Aspects of Ketamine Therapy
                    Ketamine Interactions at the NMDA and AMPA Receptors
                    Research into other Ketamine Like Compounds - Will They Be Effective?
                    Spravato - Is it an alternative to the Ketamine infusion?
                    Beyond the Pharmacological Effects of Ketamine - Transpersonal Aspects


Day 2                   

Module 4 - Practical Clinical Aspects of Ketamine Therapy
                    Patient Selection and Evaluation for Ketamine Therapy
                    Reviewing Medical Records, Pre-Procedure Labs and EKG
                    Contraindications to Ketamine Therapy - What are They?
                    Intravenous vs. Intramuscular or Other Routes of Administration
                    Is Ketamine Abuse and Substance Dependence an Issue?
                    Medicolegal Concerns About "Off-Label" Use of Ketamine

Module 5 - The Ketamine Infusion Protocol
                    Pre-Procedure Assessments and Documentation Requirements
                    Equipment Requirements Necessary for Providing Ketamine Safely
                    The Ketamine Infusion Protocol - Pitfalls and Pearls
                    Adverse Effects Associated with Ketamine Therapy - How to Manage Them
                    Post Procedure Observation and Interview                          

Module 6 - Optimizing Outcomes and Expanding Indications for Ketamine Therapy
                     How To Optimize The "Standard" Protocol  for Maximal Benefit
                    Treating Complicated Patients with Co-Morbid Conditions
                    The Expanding Indications for Ketamine Therapy
                    The Ketamine Institute Mentoring Program

Advantages of This Program

The private “one-on-one” Intensive Ketamine Infusion Therapy Training Course is offered by special arrangement several times per year. This insures that each physician will have the maximal opportunity to work directly with us on a one-to-one basis to facilitate the learning experience and rapidly gain the skills and understanding necessary to perform ketamine infusion therapy.

The course content is comprehensive and integrated. It systematically embraces all major aspects of ketamine therapy. Each step in learning is anchored to pragmatic applications and realistic clinical situations seen in daily practices. The format of the program is convenient for the busy practitioner wanting to assimilate a new discipline with multimedia learning with lecture, reading, and video demonstration.

The comprehensive course workbook, included with the course, summarizes all of the lecture and presentation concepts and provides the necessary scientific references supporting ketamine therapy. In addition, it contains examples of the required DEA documentation requirements, consents, medical evaluation and treatment records, as well as, intra-infusion monitoring notes and serum concentration calculations. Additional information is supplied regarding practical aspects of equipment and supply requirements, staffing requirements, drug acquisition and storage.

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

"I am an Austrian psychiatrist. One year ago, I started using ketamine for the treatment of my depressive patients without formal training using the standard protocol published in the literature.  I decided to attend the Ketamine Institute’s training program to enhance my skills.

The Ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders” training course for physicians went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Grass' brilliance and profound professional expertise made this course an unforgettable and truly eye-opening experience. I can now understand Ketamine from a pharmacological, anesthesiology, psychiatric, medico-legal and therapeutic perspective. I could put the contents I learned immediately into practice and my patients are already profiting from the knowledge I gained."

Since completing the course, Dr. Landauro writes…

"I arrived safely to Salzburg yesterday. Today we are performing our first optimized ketamine infusion. My patients and I are excited about this.

I treated the first wave of my ketamine eligible patients. Last Friday I talked to Ingrid. She couldn’t stop thanking me. To be sincere, I would have never thought any kind of improvement to be possible in her case. Ingrid’s depression is cracked - not in remission - but really cracked. 40 years of treatment from some of the greatest minds in the country couldn’t do the trick; the brilliant new protocol I learnt from you did. She had her first “not very painful 2 weeks” she can remember. She still complains, she still feels bad - but not so bad. I will come back to Ingrid later…

The sheer fact that I have the option to apply the optimized protocol gives my clients strength. It’s a whole new experience for them when I tell them “you don’t have to suffer longer than you want to.” I make them aware that we can “eradicate” 80% of depressions in a week. It gives them confidence and a reason to hope.

I went to Florida to learn how to give infusions properly, I came back with a huge arsenal of psychiatric-psychotherapeutic power-tools.

I wish you would have heard Ingrid saying…
…thank you!"

-Dr. Med R Febres Landauro – Saltsburg, Austria

Individual and Small Group Intensive Tutorials
are available by special arrange


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