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RESTORE® —  Life Changes Here

We understand what you're going through.

Reboot your Depression with RESTOE

It can gradually take over your life.

We know it didn't happen all at once. It sneaks up on you gradually, without your even realizing it. It might start with just feeling exhausted all of the time. It's the sense of having no energy whatsoever; every minute feels like hours. And the exhaustion can be emotional, mental, or physical.

You notice that you are more pessimistic or irritable than you used to be. You may also have trouble remembering things or focusing. Then you begin to feel like what you're doing doesn't matter that much anymore, and you become disillusioned with everything.

You may start to feel hopeless or helpless about everything and want to avoid day-to-day tasks in favor of being left alone or sleeping.

That's not living life, it's only existing, and life shouldn't be like this.

Something needs to change — Fast.

RESTORE Woman Happy

It's time for the change.

Wouldn't it be great if you could start from scratch and feel what it's like to be vibrant and energetic once more, with a zest for life? You might spend more time enjoying family or having fun with friends; just generally feeling happy! Or maybe at work - you'll finally get ahead after months of hard work instead of struggling through each new challenge one by one.

When we start living our lives instead of just existing "day after day," the possibilities are endless.

You can make that change in just 90-minutes with RESTORE.

Life Changes Here — Make the change today with RESTORE 

The RESTORE  Ultra-Rapid, Long-Lasting  Ketamine Infusion

What is RESTORE — the "90-Minute Transformation"?

RESTORE is the next-generation, ultra-rapid intravenous (IV) ketamine-based infusion that provides greater relief and three times faster healing than any other ketamine therapy.  And, better yet, the improvements that you experience after a RESTORE infusion can last up to six times longer than they do with regular ketamine infusions.

"We knew ketamine infusions were effective — but..."

Thousands of research studies have shown that ketamine infusions can be life-changing therapy for people suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)*. Unfortunately, they don't work for everyone.  More than that, they are inconvenient, time-consuming, and they don't last very long.

For example, regular ketamine infusions can only help about 50-70% of people who have them (depending upon who is performing them), and it takes six infusions over two weeks to work.  After that, they only last for about 4-6 weeks before you needed another infusion.

"That was not good enough for us"

We wanted to develop a ketamine-based infusion treatment to help more people, no matter how complex their problem. And it had to be more rapidly acting, effective, and produce longer-lasting improvement.

So, we made it better!...

The results of our efforts led to the development of RESTORE.

The RESTORE Infusion® is the culmination of over 35 years of my clinical research and experience with ketamine, in which I've personally administered thousands of ketamine-based infusions to patients from all around the world who were seeking assistance for a variety of complex and perplexing medical problems.

RESTORE has been call the "Gold Standard" of ketamine therapy

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® is the new and advanced ketamine infusion program that unlocks the full potential of ketamine therapy. RESTORE's life-changing effects begin to show within minutes, "restoring" your neurochemical balance and "rebooting" critical neural connections that allow you to RESTORE your physical and emotional well-being.  And the improvements you experience last up to six time longer than they do with regular ketamine infusions.

How is RESTORE better than regular ketamine?

RESTORE is a cutting-edge, innovative ketamine-based therapy that can lead to fast relief and long-term improvement in up to 85% of our clients after only 90 minutes (three — 30-minute sessions) of infusion therapy. Because of our expertise and experience, people come to us from all across the United States and worldwide to benefit from the exceptional advantages and long-lasting results of the RESTORE program.

"RESTORE works when other treatments haven't"

RESTORE is so effective that even if you haven't responded to any other therapy, including traditional medicines, ECT/TMS, Spravato (Esketamine), or standard ketamine infusions — RESTORE can help you experience rapid relief and feel better in just 3 days or less.

It works so fast that often following the very first session, many of our patients begin to feel brighter, happier, and more relaxed. More than that, they enjoy feeling renewed, refreshed, and restored for months or years longer than any other regular ketamine infusion.

Our clients have described this remarkable new treatment as

"The 90-Minute RESTORE Transformation."

RESTORE the 90 minute transformation

To be good at anything takes focus and commitment.

We are dedicated to our work, and focused on just one thing: ketamine-based therapy.

We don't treat patients... we help people, one person at a time. Our commitment to each person we meet is to use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide the most advanced and effective ketamine-based treatment to relieve their illness. It takes time and effort, but we are committed to helping those with complicated and treatment-resistant disorders that have been given up on by other health care providers.

We are all in this together, and we understand what it's like...

Our commitment to you

While we cannot promise success in every single case, we can promise and guarantee that we will make every effort and take every step necessary to
ensure that you have the best possible chances of recovery with
RESTORE® Infusion Therapy.


How is RESTORE better than any regular ketamine infusion?

RESTORE is better than ketamine

Let's start with a "standard" ketamine infusion

   — Ketamine infusions can be very effective - when performed correctly. 

Although ketamine infusion therapy can be remarkably rapid and effective for people with treatment-resistant depression under research conditions, that is not always the case in actual practice. Research studies report that up to 70% of patients in a strictly controlled clinical research setting improve following ketamine infusion treatment. However, your chances of experiencing improvement after a regular ketamine infusion when given in a local ketamine clinic with less training and experience could be significantly different - and much lower (1).

"How many people genuinely get better at a ketamine clinic?"

Some believe a more realistic number would be only 50-60% of people respond to regular ketamine infusions when given outside of a controlled research study. In fact, according to one recent report,  just 44% of patients with treatment-resistant depression responded favorably after six infusion sessions in a community hospital setting (2).

"Reasons why you may not respond to a ketamine infusion"

There are many possible reasons for the lower response rate you may experience in a local ketamine clinic. Ketamine therapy is very different from other medical treatments and requires careful attention and precision. Some ketamine clinics may lack adequate training or experience on the part of the clinician administering ketamine, or perhaps they are not adhering to strict patient selection and treatment standards. More importantly - they may not have sufficient knowledge to appropriately adjust ketamine dosing based on your medications, metabolism, or genetic profile.

"Training, experience and personal attention are the keys to success"

It's essential to choose a ketamine center with adequate training and experience. Ketamine therapy is unlike any other medical treatment, and it requires a different approach to be most effective. Unfortunately, some clinicians providing ketamine infusion therapy are using a — "one-size-fits-all" ketamine infusion — with an "assembly-line" traditional medical office approach that does not work well for everyone.

   — Ketamine infusions every other day for 2 weeks; who has that much time?

Regular ketamine infusions, when performed by qualified and experienced clinicians, are unquestionably effective for many people, but they have a downside. The disadvantage of the standard ketamine infusion is that it takes two weeks to complete, and you may not know if it's working until around the third session. As a result, determining whether it is effective for you may take some time.

    — Ketamine only lasts 1 month, then you need more.


Even after six infusions, you'll only feel better for about another month or so before the ketamine wears off, and you'll need to return for another infusion. Monthly booster infusions can be challenging for many people because you'll need someone to drive you home from each treatment session. Not only that, but  monthly infusions become very expensive over time.

   —  Ketamine infusions are almost like taking pills every day. 

Some people think of regular ketamine as only a temporary "band-aid" solution for their problems. They feel like they are exchanging medications that they take every day for monthly ketamine infusions. Is that the best result ketamine therapy has to offer?


We knew there had to be a better way.

restore is better

The Benefits of RESTORE over other ketamine treatments

The Ketamine infusion Transformed.

It has taken us many years and thousands of hours of experience with patients during infusions, studying the effects of ketamine in a wide range of challenging and complex "treatment-resistant" illnesses to understand what was needed — and find a way to improve the ketamine infusion.

Now, after devoting three decades to the clinical use, research, and continual exploration of ketamine therapy — we found that way.

We've developed - RESTORE

RESTORE the Next Generation in ketamine infusions

— RESTORE  changes everything!

RESTORE is effective in up to 85% of our clients, and it works much faster, lasts longer, and costs less than any other ketamine therapy. The entire program only requires three 30 minute RESTORE infusions over just 3 days — compared to 2 weeks and 6 infusions with regular ketamine — and it lasts months to years longer than any other ketamine infusion.

— The key to long-lasting results is metabolic optimization and our Advanced Infusion.

Each RESTORE infusion is optimized for your unique circumstance. Metabolic optimization combined with an advanced infusion protocol and synergistic neuromodulators, helps tailor our treatment to your precise needs, maximizing your response to RESTORE.

Restore versus the Standard ketamine infusion

— Our experience with RESTORE ketamine therapy is unmatched.

And, unlike any other program — we only see one person at a time — so you receive our complete attention. We have more direct "hands-on" experience with ketamine infusion therapy than anyone else in the world. And, not only have we performed thousands of infusions over the years, but we have also personally experienced what it feels like to have an infusion.

— With RESTORE, you have someone who knows what you're going through by your side.

We understand better the ketamine experience better than most. And we are at your side during each session, adjusting, assisting, guiding, and monitoring you during the entire session. You are never left alone, with a friend, or with a nurse just "checking in on you" from time to time. Our level of attention to detail and your comfort is what makes the RESTORE infusion exceptional.

Learn how we developed the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion

RESTORE is the new "Gold-Standard" in IV ketamine therapy.

RESTORE is better than ketamine

The advantages of RESTORE are clear:

More Effective - Up to 85% of people respond to RESTORE
Ultra-fast acting - feel better almost immediately!
6X longer-lasting - enjoy long-term relief!  
No monthly boosters - only 1-2 booster sessions/year.
Personal attention by experienced staff. 
RESTORE  costs less than ketamine infusions.

Recognized Worldwide — The RESTORE Infusion Center

Our Sarasota Medical Center Location has everything you need.

The RESTORE Infusion Center is on the campus of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota. Our location allows us to provide you with a safe, modern, integrated healthcare environment that offers a broad range of medical expertise and services immediately available. Cooperation among your physicians is an essential element when dealing with complex illnesses. We work closely with your physician and those on our campus to bring you the best possible care.

We may not be right next door, but sometimes it pays to travel a little further.

Although our RESTORE infusion center is located in Sarasota, Fl, clients come to us from across the country, and all around the world for the exceptional benefits of RESTORE.  They realize the value of our cutting-edge technique, expert knowledge, and the advantages of RESTORE infusions compared to regular ketamine infusions.

Our Clients come from around the world for RESTORE

RESTORE — Ketamine Research Institute, Sarasota, FL.

People come to us from all over:

International Clients from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, South America, Bimini, Barbados, Egypt, Ukraine, Netherlands.

US Clients: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Lousiana, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Florida.

Local Clients have come to us from all parts of Florida: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Venice, Naples, Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee.

Traveling from Out of State or Worldwide.

Getting here is easy — Visiting Sarasota-Tampa-Naples.

It's simple to get here from almost anywhere, with four nearby airports and a wide range of accommodation, resorts, and AirBNBs to select from. Visiting us is a quick journey from just about any place..

Ketamine Research Institute is located in Sarasota Florida, United States Ketamine Practitioner Training and Certification

It's important to be able to relax while you RESTORE.

The setting in which the RESTORE infusion takes place is essential to your overall recovery during the process. We chose to locate the Ketamine Research Institute in a tranquil beachfront setting, with lots of charm and hospitality, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It only takes 3 days for the RESTORE Transformation to occur...

Even though the treatment schedule is only 3 days, it is important that after the RESTORE session, you can relax and allow the benefits of RESTORE to take place in your body. We know that the best results are achieved when our clients are away from their routine and stresses and focus solely on getting better.

But, you may want to stay a little longer to enjoy it.


The RESTORE Infusion Program Difference

Learn what RESTORE  can do...

"Rock bottom and out of options is where I found myself in 2016. Suffering from 2 to 3 partial/myoclonic seizures per week, intractable migraines, and severe clinical depression had left me broken and struggling to find the will to keep going.

I went through years of the awful gauntlet of tests and prescription meds whose side effects were as horrible as my conditions and did nothing to relieve my symptoms. My quality of life, due to all my health issues, had slowly disappeared and with 4 amazing children to care for, all hope had left me.

Then one day I came across a report about Ketamine therapy on NPR radio and started researching and was quickly led to the Ketamine Institute and Restore. After having years of awful experiences with neurologists, I was absolutely blown away by their balance of professionalism and impeccable bedside manner after our initial phone call.

That first treatment gave me my life back! The entire experience is absolutely incredible. They truly focus on treating the whole patient and are there guiding every step of the way. Best decision of my life."

SK - Milwaukee, WI

See what more of our patients have to say about RESTORE


That Is The RESTORE Infusion Therapy Difference

Learn how we developed the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion

Choose what works best for you.

Undertaking a new therapy or treatment for a severe medical condition can be a concern for you and your family. So, before you consider ketamine treatment with anyone, find an experienced and fully trained ketamine practitioner, ask many questions, and be satisfied with the answers.

We know everyone does not need the RESTORE Infusion, and many certainly do well enough with the 6 standard infusions and monthly booster infusions. However, not all ketamine centers or practitioners are the same and it is important that you choose wisely.

Here are some things to consider about regular ketamine therapy

   — The disadvantage of most ketamine clinics.

The main problem that most ketamine clinics face is that they continue to employ the old-fashioned "one-size-fits-all" method, which has been in use for almost 25 years. It was not originally created or optimized to treat mood issues, and as a result it is not as effective as it could be. More than that, some ketamine clinics may not follow the strict patient selection criteria and treatment regimens that research centers do, so your results may vary — significantly.

In the best-case scenario — a clinical research setting — ketamine is effective for 7 out of 10 people, but in a typical ketamine clinic setting only 5 out of 10 people may respond well.  Beyond that limitation,  standard ketamine infusions take too long to work, the improvement doesn't last very long, and monthly booster infusions become prohibitively expensive over time.

   — Who is really administering your ketamine infusion?

Some ketamine practitioners and clinics will claim to have a large number of infusions done successfully. But has this really happened?  Often, the clinicians who provide ketamine therapy may only "supervise" or "oversee" the treatments you receive — they do not actually "perform" the infusion.

They may meet with you briefly before your infusion, and then an assistant escorts you to a treatment area and actually administers your infusion. So, you may want to ask if the clinician in charge is truly responsible for starting the infusion and remaining by each person's side throughout the treatment, monitoring, observing, and adjusting the dose as necessary?  Or do they operate multiple infusion rooms with other medical staff monitoring infusions for several patients at once while the physician is engaged in other procedures?

It's critical to understand that ketamine therapy is unlike any other medical treatment, and that combining a cookbook — a "one-size-fits-all" ketamine infusion — with an "assembly-line" approach does not work for everyone.

   — When "Big Business" gets involved in ketamine therapy, Be Cautious.

Some large entrepreneurial and biotech companies are now trying to offer what appears to be a simple and inexpensive approach to administering ketamine therapy to make it more "commercially" viable. They've started sending people home with ketamine nasal sprays or lozenges, and some even send ketamine pills through the mail and the only "supervise" your treatment though an "app on your phone" or zoom meeting with a "therapist".

This practice is a cause for concern since nasal sprays, lozenges, and ketamine pills will not provide the relief people want and have a poor track record in terms of efficacy. More importantly, ketamine is a potent anesthetic and while it is generally safe, it must be administered by qualified medical personnel in a supervised setting.  Ketamine-based therapy administered in any other way is not only ineffective but may also have dangerous side effects and serious consequences.

Many experienced practitioners in the field of ketamine-based therapy strongly feel that this questionable practice should be avoided, and we do too.

How do I decide which ketamine center to use?

Our Guide To Help You Choose The Best Option and Ketamine Center

Now that you know the advantages of RESTORE over regular ketamine infusions, if you still feel that regular ketamine infusion therapy is a good option for you, then please read our guide on:

How to Choose The Best Ketamine Infusion Center — 2021-2022.

Find a Well Trained and Experienced Clinician for Your Ketamine Infusion.

Ketamine Research Institute — Ketamine Infusion Therapy:
Intensive Training Program for Clinicians 

Please carefully consider the expertise and experience of the person who is performing the infusion — you may want to consult the many highly qualified clinicians that we have personally trained to perform the standard ketamine infusion in the safest, evidence-based, and most effective way possible to obtain the best results:

Ketamine Physicians, Accredited Practitioner Certified Ketamine Infusion Therapy logo with Doctor Grass Sarasota Florida
Ketamine Research Institute  - Accredited Practitioner in Ketamine Infusion Therapy

A Little About Us.

Our Founder and Medical Director

Gerald W. Grass, MD, is an internationally renowned and respected physician who served as Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, where the original ketamine infusion for depression was developed in 1994. He was also the Director of the Yale Pain Medicine Fellowship Program and served as Chief of Pain Medicine for the Connecticut Veterans Healthcare Administration.

Dr. Grass has more direct "hands-on" clinical experience performing ketamine-based infusions than anyone else in the world and has spent thousands of hours personally monitoring, assisting, and guiding patients during each infusion session himself. The knowledge, methods, and expertise he's gained have been invaluable in creating the RESTORE infusion.

He has broad medical training and experience in Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery, Pain Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Alternative Medicine. His wide range of experience includes working in hospital settings, private practice, academia, research, and clinical trials, which has given him insider knowledge on ketamine applications and has led to establishing new frontiers in ketamine-based science and treatment modalities.

Ketamine training 1

Ketamine Training 2

Ketamine Training 3

Ketamine Training 4

Ketamine Training 5

Ketamine Training 6

Dr. Grass has presented his ground-breaking research at regional and national conferences, meetings, and government agencies, including the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense. Dr. Grass is sought out by prestigious hospitals, academic institutions, and other specialists for his knowledge and experience in ketamine therapy.

Since 1998, he has been administering ketamine infusion therapy to treat chronic pain, immunological disorders, mood disorders and pioneering the RESTORE® Infusion Program. He has established the  Ketamine Infusion Training Program, the first international training program for doctors to relieve treatment-resistant mood disorders and intractable chronic pain.

Learn more about Dr. Grass, our Founder and Medical Director


Learn more about the RESTORE Infusion Therapy difference.

Time is precious. You want to feel better as fast as you can and we do too, Experience the RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation.  Why wait weeks or months to feel better when you can RESTORE today?

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