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RESTORE - Transforming Ketamine Therapy

The Breakthrough: RESTORE — Just 3 Infusions over 3 Days Provides Rapid and Long-Lasting Improvement Without the Need for Monthly Boosters

Welcome to a groundbreaking approach to mental health and chronic pain treatment. Our RESTORE Ketamine Infusion Program is a new and more advanced approach to treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. If you have been struggling and finding little relief in traditional treatments, RESTORE offers a new beacon of hope. RESTORE is the Next-Generation ketamine therapy that is fast-acting, more effective, and longer-lasting than regular ketamine infusions. Just three sessions over three days is all you need to provide lasting relief.

RESTORE is Setting a New Benchmark in Ketamine Therapy

Our advanced program, called RESTORE, can completely transform your life in only a fraction of the time needed for traditional ketamine infusions – accelerating your transformation and recovery. With RESTORE, the relief isn't just rapid; it's long-lasting. Enjoy the benefits for months, even years, with minimal need for maintenance sessions. There is no need for time-consuming and inconvenient monthly "booster" sessions. With RESTORE, you may only need 1-2 annual enhancement sessions.

RESTORE is more than just a treatment; it's a transformation

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® is a pioneering approach at the Ketamine Research Institute, offering a more effective and faster-acting alternative to traditional ketamine treatments. Our unique Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled infusion protocols ensure tailored and optimized treatment, maximizing ketamine's therapeutic potential. RESTORE's innovative method is 2-4 times more effective and six times longer-lasting than standard ketamine infusions.

RESTORE: A Next-Generation Solution

RESTORE  Infusion Therapy® exemplifies the advancements in this field and underscores the importance of staying informed about the latest developments in ketamine therapy. While traditional ketamine infusion therapy has been a beacon of hope for many suffering from severe mental health conditions, its limitations cannot be overlooked. The RESTORE program represents a highly effective, longer-lasting, and patient-centric alternative. Its innovative approach caters to patients' individual needs, offering a more rapid and enduring solution to mental health and chronic pain challenges.

See if RESTORE is right for you...

Living with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or chronic pain can feel like an uphill battle, particularly when you've tried various treatments with little to no success. If you've tried medications, standard ketamine infusions, Spravato, or rTMS therapy and still find yourself struggling, it's time to consider RESTORE Infusion Therapy.

Time is precious. You want to feel better quickly, and now you can.

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to start the transformation.

Learn how RESTORE is Transforming Ketamine Therapy

How is RESTORE Different from Regular Ketamine Infusions?

First, Let's Start with Standard Ketamine Therapy:

Standard Ketamine infusions - The Hype versus the Reality.

Ketamine infusions have been gaining popularity in the medical community and media as an innovative and highly effective new treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health conditions. Although ketamine infusions may have been considered a breakthrough in the research setting, it is important to recognize that they are not all equal and may not be as effective as marketed.

While it is true that In high-level research settings, ketamine infusion therapy shows a success rate between 70-75% and is well-tolerated, it may surprise you to learn that this figure may not be nearly as high in private ketamine clinics. In fact, many of the patients who try standard "one-size-fits-all" ketamine infusions do not see any improvement at all or may actually become worse following treatment! Not only that, but many people stop treatment before ever completing the initial six sessions due to a lack of effectiveness or unwanted side effects.  Then, there is the issue of six ketamine therapy sessions being inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive. It's time to take a little closer look at ketamine therapy and see why this has happened.

Not all ketamine infusions are as effective as you may think!

What you will not see on websites or the media can be surprising!

According to research studies, only about 50% or less of patients improve after undergoing standard ketamine infusions in many ketamine "clinics." In some cases, less than 20% have any benefit. This means that more than half of those who opt for this treatment see no significant change in their condition. Furthermore, it's alarming that the same studies indicate a 50% dropout rate before the initial phase of treatment is completed, and up to 8% actually became worse after treatment!

This high dropout rate and worsening of their condition hint at not only the ineffectiveness of the treatment in some ketamine centers but also potential side effects or discomfort experienced by patients. While standard ketamine infusions may have been considered a promising solution in the research setting, the reality is that they fall short in many areas when used in community-based ketamine clinics.

Why isn't ketamine therapy at a local clinic as effective?

It all comes down to knowledge, training, and experience.

There are many reasons why this may occur. For example, the controlled conditions of a research study, which include rigorous patient selection and strict treatment protocols, contribute to these remarkable outcomes. In contrast, ketamine therapy in private clinics may be subject to broader variation in the way they select patients for treatment - not everyone is a good candidate for ketamine therapy.

In addition, the practitioner's level of training or experience with the complexities of ketamine and its metabolism is essential when developing an individualized treatment plan.   Moreover, each person's unique health profile and the medications they may be taking can significantly impact the process. All of these factors can influence the effectiveness of the therapy and must be carefully considered before undertaking ketamine therapy.

That's where the RESTORE Infusion program comes in

Start Your Transformation Today with RESTORE

RESTORE Infusion Therapy, developed by the Ketamine Research Institute, unlocks the full potential of ketamine therapy. Our innovative approach begins with a careful patient selection process and then combines advanced Precision Medicine, Metabolic Optimization, and a precise Target-Controlled infusion protocol to bring unprecedented effectiveness to ketamine treatment.

With RESTORE, our patients experience rapid relief and long-lasting improvement. You can significantly relieve your symptoms quickly in as little as three days and three infusions. Unlike regular ketamine infusions that often require six infusions over 2-3 weeks and monthly "booster" sessions to maintain the positive effects, RESTORE works in a fraction of the time

RESTORE  is more sophisticated, advanced, and effective than the standard "one-size-fits-all" ketamine infusion. Now, you can experience the RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation. Why have six inconvenient and time-consuming ketamine infusions and wait two weeks for a 40-50% chance of feeling better that may only last for a few weeks when you can RESTORE today?

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Learn more about the RESTORE 90-Minute Transformation.

RESTORE is the new, faster, more effective, and longer-lasting approach to ketamine therapy

At the Ketamine Research Institute You Recieve Expert and Personalized Care

At the Ketamine Research Institute, you will receive our undivided attention as we only see one patient at a time. We are with you every step of the way during your infusion, personally assisting and guiding you through the entire session. With over 20 years of experience, we have performed thousands of infusions while being present alongside every person for the entirety of the session. As a result, we have gained a level of expertise and experience unmatched by any other ketamine infusion center or provider in the world.

RESTORE— The Next Generation of Ketamine Therapy

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or chronic pain and have not had relief with prescription medication, therapy, TMS, Spravato, or other traditional treatment modalities, then the RESTORE may be an option for you.

People from across the country and worldwide choose the RESTORE program because they know they can return to their daily activities with greater confidence, knowing that the benefits of their infusion will last much longer.

RESTORE Infusion Therapy®Life Changes Here

The RESTORE Advantage — Begin the Transformation

Feel the effects almost immediately:

RESTORE is incredibly rapid-acting. Unlike the traditional ketamine infusion therapy, which requires two weeks to start, the RESTORE program accelerates your recovery process, which can be completed in just three days - up to 4x-6x faster than the traditional ketamine infusion approach. Speeding up your recovery in only a fraction of the time needed for ketamine infusions.

Significantly more effective:

RESTORE is remarkably effective. Not only is RESTORE faster acting, but many have found it to be much more effective than any other form of ketamine therapy. Up to 85% of our clients can experience relief with RESTORE compared to only 50% or less with regular ketamine infusions.

Enjoy the improvement for months to years:

Best of all, with RESTORE, not only do you begin to experience the positive effects almost immediately, but the improvement you feel can last for months to years after following our program. So, the rapid improvements you gain with RESTORE can last a long time - without needing monthly "maintenance" infusions with ketamine therapy.

Learn what people from around the world know about RESTORE.

People worldwide have traveled to the Ketamine Research Institute because of our reputation for using ketamine therapy, our cutting-edge Precision Medicine approach, and the exceptional benefits of RESTORE. They realize the value of our cutting-edge technique, expert knowledge, and the advantages of RESTORE over traditional ketamine infusions.

RESTORE  The 90-Minute Transformation

Restore Infusion Small logo - Ketamine Treatment for Depression

The RESTORE program from the Ketamine Research Institute has completely revolutionized ketamine therapy. This rapid, effective, and long-term improvement could not have been imagined before the introduction of RESTORE.

man excited about ketamine infusion

It's time to start living your best life – let RESTORE be the way!

We are driven by our mission to improve lives through innovative ketamine-based treatment options. We combine the power of this remarkable medication with advanced science, years of clinical experience, and our personal attention to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your truly life-altering RESTORE experience – one designed specifically for you and your specific needs.

We are dedicated to our work and focus only on ketamine-based therapy. We are committed to each person we meet to use all our knowledge and experience in providing ketamine-based therapy to relieve their illness. Please read on to learn more about ketamine therapy and our unique RESTORE Infusion Program.

RESTORE Is Very Different From Conventional Ketamine Infusions

RESTORE is the Next-Generation of Ketamine Infusion

RESTORE is the next generation of improved ketamine therapy based on our unique Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled Infusion approach to individualized ketamine therapy.  It combines a meticulous patient selection process,  pre-infusion Metabolic Evaluation, and Optimization Program with Synergistic Supplementation to unlock the full potential of ketamine.  Although it is much more sophisticated and comprehensive than conventional ketamine infusion therapy, the results - at least in our opinion - are well worth it.

Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled Infusions

Our Precision-Medicine approach and proprietary Targeted Dose delivery increase the effectiveness of RESTORE 2-4X over that of a conventional ketamine infusion and dramatically improve how much longer you feel better - up to 6X longer! (1). This means that you can return to the activities you enjoy with greater confidence that the positive effects of your infusion will last.

Using the RESTORE approach, you can trust that you are receiving the optimal levels of ketamine for more effective relief from depression and anxiety symptoms without worrying about over-dosing or under-dosing or the need for frequent "booster" infusions. This makes it easier for you to feel better and allows you to experience greater benefits from your treatment.

Faster Acting, More Effective, and Longer-Lasting than regular ketamine infusions

RESTORE helps to make ketamine infusion more efficient, effective, and longer lasting than ever before. With the help of our Precision Medicine approach and Target-Controlled Infusion protocol, you can trust that you are receiving a personalized ketamine infusion tailored to your needs. Take control of your life and experience the powerful benefits of RESTORE today.

How Much Better Does That Make RESTORE?

KETAMINE NEWS: Our Recent Scientific Presentations:

Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled Infusion Increase
the Effectiveness of Ketamine Therapy

RESTORE: A New Methodological Approach to Improve the "Real-World" Effectiveness of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Our 5-Year Outcome Study Presented at the 2022 Psych Congress in New Orleans, LA, and the International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders in Orlando, FL

We are pleased to have presented the outstanding effectiveness rate of RESTORE ( 88.4% vs.18.3-45.5% with standard ketamine infusions) and significantly longer-lasting treatment improvements following the RESTORE program of 245 days vs. 26 days with the standard ketamine infusions (Extending up to 1-3 years) comparison study at the recent 2022 Psych Congress Annual Meeting in New Orleans and the International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders.

These remarkable findings support the fact that RESTORE is 2-4 times more effective and up to 9 times longer lasting than the standard ketamine infusion used in community settings.  In addition, more patients complete the initial series of infusions (which is 4 times faster), experience fewer side-effects, and continue maintenance therapy than those treated with the standard ketamine infusion.

Ketamine Research Institute Scientific Presentation

“A New Methodological Approach to Improve the "Real World" Effectiveness of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression”

We are excited to announce that our innovative approach to ketamine infusion therapy, utilizing precision medicine and target-controlled infusions, was accepted for scientific presentation at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco. Our methodological approach has been shown to significantly improve the "real world" effectiveness of ketamine infusion therapy for treatment-resistant depression, resulting in improved outcomes for patients. This acceptance is a testament to the importance and potential impact of our approach, and we look forward to sharing our findings with fellow clinicians and researchers at this prestigious event.

It's Important to Learn as Much as You Can About Ketamine Therapy:

This may take a little time, but it is time well spent!

Although we likely have the longest home page on the internet, you need to know as much about ketamine infusion therapy as possible to determine if it is appropriate for you. Despite its reputation as a "miracle drug," ketamine isn't for everyone, and it's essential to understand both the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

Another reason our homepage and website are so extensive is to allow you to make an informed choice regarding ketamine therapy. As you know, health insurance rarely covers ketamine infusions. As a result, not only will you be putting your own time and money into this therapy, but also your well-being in the hands of the person administering ketamine.

It is important to note that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved ketamine for certain medical uses, such as anesthesia, but its use for treating mood disorders and chronic pain is considered "off-label." This means that the FDA does not officially approve ketamine for these conditions, but doctors may prescribe it based on evidence that it can be effective. It's been shown to offer rapid relief for certain patients with depression who haven't responded to other treatments due to its unique effects on brain chemicals and receptors. In the case of chronic pain, ketamine may block pain signals and reduce inflammation.

Healthcare professionals should always thoroughly evaluate your medical and mental health history before your therapy and supervise your treatment, so a detailed consultation is essential to weigh the potential benefits and risks. Ketamine, although safe in the proper hands, can have adverse effects if not used correctly and under direct medical supervision. For more information about the potential side effects associated with ketamine therapy, please see our Possible Ketamine Side Effects... What You Should Know page.

The bottom line is: to be sure to do your homework before beginning any ketamine therapy and only entrust your care to a medical professional with adequate training and supervised clinical experience in administering ketamine infusion therapy as recommended by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

For more information about what didactic and supervised clinical training is recommended to administer ketamine— safely, expertly, and effectively, please see the Ketamine Research InstituteTraining Program for Clinicians page.

So, why should you consider choosing RESTORE instead of a regular ketamine infusion?

First, let's look at the ketamine infusion in more detail:

Ketamine infusions are effective — but they have some disadvantages:

Respected physicians and research scientists worldwide agree that ketamine therapy is a major breakthrough in treating mood disorders and related neurological conditions effectively.  Thousands of research studies have shown that ketamine infusions can be rapidly effective and life-changing therapy for people suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)*. As remarkable as it is, it also has some limitations and disadvantages that you need to know before beginning ketamine therapy.

"Ketamine infusions don't always work as well as you might believe"

Although numerous research studies conducted over the past 20 years have shown that ketamine infusions can be effective for 70% - 75% of "research subjects" who have not responded to any other treatments or antidepressant medications — it is essential to understand that "research subjects" are not the same as "real-world" people — and it may surprise you to learn that "real people" often do not respond to ketamine infusion nearly as well as those in research studies.

"Research subjects are not the same as real-world people"

Clinical research studies are conducted in carefully controlled conditions, with hand-selected "otherwise healthy" patients who are not taking other medications that can interfere with ketamine.  More than that, research subjects have been carefully screened to ensure they don't have any medical, metabolic, hormonal, or other issues that may reduce ketamine's effectiveness.

In addition, research centers are utilizing well-standardized and personally monitored infusion protocols administered by highly trained research staff — very few community ketamine clinics can match these very high standards. Because of that, your chances of seeing improvement from ketamine in the "real-world" situation of a local ketamine clinic may be significantly different  and much lower (2), (2a).

"How many people genuinely get better at a ketamine clinic?"

Although many ketamine websites cite sophisticated research studies that show that up to 70% of people can improve following ketamine therapy, recent evidence has now shown that ketamine may not be nearly as effective when given in a community ketamine clinic setting. Some believe a more realistic number would be only 40-50% of people respond to regular ketamine infusions when it is given in an outpatient ketamine clinic or center.

According to one recent report,  just 45.5% of patients with treatment-resistant depression responded favorably after six infusion sessions in a prestigious community hospital setting (3).  The results can be so variable that in a study published in 2020, conducted at the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University Department of Psychiatry in Boston, only 15 of 82 (18.3%) of their patients improved after enrolling to have six "standard" ketamine infusions! (4)

"Why such a low response rate in a clinic setting — it should work just as well?"

There are many possible reasons for the lower response rate you may experience in a local ketamine clinic. Here are just a few of them. To begin, ketamine therapy is very different from other medical treatments and requires careful attention and precision to be the most effective. In some cases, the lower response rate may be due to a lack of the necessary formal education and supervised clinical training, as recommended by professional organizations, in administering ketamine specifically for mood disorders.

Another possibility for the low success rate is that they do not adhere to strict patient selection criteria and treatment standards. More importantly, many who are providing ketamine therapy may not have sufficient knowledge and experience to appropriately adjust ketamine dosing based on your specific medications, metabolism, or genetic profile.

Ketamine therapy is unlike any other medical treatment, and it requires a different approach to be most effective. Unfortunately, most centers and clinics providing ketamine infusion therapy still use an outdated infusion method and a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  Others may see too many patients each day and have adopted an "assembly-line" treatment protocol that does not work well for everyone.

"Ketamine infusions are inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive over time"

Beyond these limitations, there are still some additional disadvantages to regular ketamine therapy.  For example, you will need a lot of infusions before you may see any benefit. Traditional ketamine therapy usually requires 6 separate infusion sessions that take two or three weeks to complete, and you may not even know if it's working until around the third session.

As a result, determining whether it is effective for you may take some time. Many people find it difficult to schedule so many infusions or find a companion to drive them back and forth to each infusion session. Even if the six infusions are successful, you may only feel better for about another month before the ketamine wears off, and you'll need to return for another infusion. Monthly booster infusions can be challenging for many people because you'll need someone to drive you home from each treatment session. Not only that, but monthly infusions become very expensive over time.

"Many people feel that ketamine infusions are almost like taking pills every day." 

Some people think of regular ketamine as a temporary "band-aid" solution for their problems.  Unfortunately, many who have experienced significant improvement from ketamine therapy stop using it because they find it too inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive to continue. They feel like they are exchanging the medications they were taking every day for monthly ketamine infusions.

Is that the best ketamine infusion therapy has to offer?

No, it's not... It was not good enough for us,

"We knew ketamine infusion therapy could be very effective, but it could be even better! We wanted to develop a ketamine-based infusion treatment to help more people, no matter how complex their problems were. And it had to be more rapidly acting, effective, and produce longer-lasting improvement."

So, we made it better!

RESTORE — The Next Generation of Ketamine Therapy

The RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion® is the culmination of over 35 years of clinical research and experience with ketamine. I've personally administered thousands of ketamine-based infusions to patients from around the world who were seeking assistance for various complex and perplexing medical problems. RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion Therapy® is the new and advanced ketamine infusion program that unlocks the full potential of ketamine therapy.

The life-changing effects begin to show within minutes, "restoring" your neurochemical balance and "rebooting" critical neural connections that allow you to RESTORE your physical and emotional well-being.  RESTORE can be significantly faster-acting and more effective than regular ketamine infusions. The improvements our clients experience can last up to six times longer than they do with other ketamine infusions.

In addition to our renowned RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Program, we have developed an advanced form of the standard ketamine therapy - RESTORE Ketamine PLUS. This innovative treatment approach has been designed to be more affordable, effective, and better tolerated than the "one-size-fits-all" standard ketamine infusion.
By incorporating the principles of personalized medicine and a target-determined infusion protocol to individual response, RESTORE Ketamine PLUS harnesses the therapeutic potential of ketamine in a manner that caters to each patient's unique needs. This ensures our patients receive the most effective treatment without imposing a significant financial burden, thus making ketamine therapy and quality healthcare more accessible.

How Does RESTORE Help Me?

Depression relief

RESTORE is faster-acting, more effective, longer-lasting, and more convenient than ketamine.

RESTORE is a cutting-edge, innovative ketamine-based therapy program that can lead to faster relief and much longer improvement in — up to 85% (1) of our clients with depression and 75% with neuropathic pain syndromes — after only 90 minutes (three — 30-minute sessions) of infusion therapy. Clients come to us from all across the United States and worldwide to benefit from the exceptional advantages and long-lasting results of the RESTORE program.

"RESTORE works when other treatments haven't - even other ketamine treatments."

RESTORE is so effective that even if you haven't responded to any other therapy, including traditional medicines, ECT/rTMS, Esketamine (Spravato), standard ketamine infusions, or psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) — RESTORE can help you experience rapid relief and feel better in just 3 days or less.

It works so fast that after the first session, many patients begin to feel brighter, happier, and more relaxed. They can also feel renewed, refreshed, and restored for months or years longer than regular ketamine infusion.

Our clients have described this remarkable new treatment as

"The 90-Minute RESTORE Transformation."

RESTORE the 90 minute transformation

It's time for a change...Take the first step,
Call us at 800-850-6979 and begin the Transformation.

Why Choose The Ketamine Research Institute and RESTORE?

Because to be good at anything takes experience, focus, and commitment.

We are dedicated to our work and focused on just one thing: ketamine-based therapy.

We don't treat patients... we help people, one person at a time. Our commitment to each person we meet is to use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide the most advanced and effective ketamine-based treatment to relieve their illness. It takes time and effort, but we are committed to helping those with complicated and treatment-resistant disorders that have been given up on by other healthcare providers.

Leading the Way in Ketamine Therapy for Mood Disorders and Chronic Pain

Although ketamine therapy has been reported to be beneficial in various conditions, our primary focus is on those conditions with adequate scientific data to support its use. Our treatment programs concentrate on two areas; specific Mood Disorders, including Depression (including Bipolar Disorder), and the symptom/stress complex related condition of “Burnout Syndrome" and Chronic Neuropathic Pain Syndromes, including Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Pioneering the Use of Ketamine-based Therapy for Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions

We are also aggressively exploring the role of ketamine-based therapy in other psychiatric and neurologically related conditions. Our clinical areas of interest include Parkinson's Disease, MS, ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, and several post-infectious syndromes, including CFIDS, ME, PINS, and Long COVID19. This research will continue to expand the number of conditions ketamine may be able to treat effectively.

Empowering the Future with Cutting-Edge Ketamine Therapy and Education

We have found that to be leaders and experts in the field, we need to narrow our concentration exclusively to ketamine-based therapy. We want to stay ahead of the curve and bring knowledge of the latest techniques and treatments that ketamine can offer. We believe that we have one of the top ketamine therapy programs in the nation and are committed to continuing our research in this field and educating tomorrow's leaders through our ketamine training programs.

Transforming Lives with Personalized Care for Mood Disorders and Chronic Pain

We are also dedicated to providing quality clinical care for our patients, offering services and treatments tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our goal is not only to provide relief from depression and other mental health disorders but also to promote long-term emotional well-being.

We take our work very seriously because it is serious:

(edited with permission due to the nature of the original content)

"Dr. Grass saved my life.

At 55, I lost my career, my friends, my wife divorced me, and 4 children stopped talking to me for years. I had 30 years of sobriety and relapsed back into drugs and alcohol. For the next five years, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and had been hospitalized 17 times. I saw 5 shrinks and was prescribed 26 different medications and 19 electric shock treatments.

Nothing helped pull me out of this depression. I cried for days at a time. Laid on the bathroom floor at times in the fetal position, sobbing. Didn’t shave or shower.  Doctors said shock therapy was not working. I was headed to be institutionalized. Nothing helped. I wanted to die.

My sister-in-law found Dr. Grass doing research to help me somehow; I reluctantly went to the Ketamine Institute. But if someone said to push a peanut down Hollywood Boulevard with my nose to feel better, I would of!  As I began the treatments, the suicidal thoughts subsided. And the paralyzing anxiety began to lift and I came back to life. Eventually got a job and was freed from the anxiety and depression. 

Whoever is out there reading this, it is a miracle treatment program. There is hope! You can have your life back. I’ve tried other Ketamine treatments In Cleveland. Dr. Grass is light years ahead of World-class hospitals. Without sounding like a salesman, I’m going to stop now.  

Please excuse my grammar and punctuation; Read the message, not the writing. I love life again. It’s been 3.5 years since the first treatment. There is hope. Don’t give up.

Thank you for reading this."

DM - Cleveland Ohio

Our commitment to you:

"While we cannot promise success in every single case, we can promise and guarantee that we will make every effort and take every step necessary to
ensure that you have the best possible chances of recovery with
RESTORE® Infusion Therapy"

Is RESTORE® the right choice for you?

The Ketamine infusion has been Transformed.

It has taken us many years and thousands of hours of experience with patients during infusions, studying the effects of ketamine in a wide range of challenging and complex "treatment-resistant" illnesses to understand what was needed — and find a way to improve the ketamine infusion.

After devoting three decades to the clinical use, research, and continual exploration of ketamine therapy — we found that way.

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® changes everything!

RESTORE is effective in up to 85% of our clients with depression, and they find that it works much faster, lasts longer, and costs less than any other ketamine therapy. The program only requires three 30-minute RESTORE infusions® over just three days — compared to 2 weeks and six infusions with regular ketamine — and it can last months to years longer than any other ketamine infusion.

The Science Behind RESTORE

Our specialized approach to ketamine therapy differs from other ketamine centers in that we use a more sophisticated "Precision Medicine" and "Target-Controlled Infusion" approach to our RESTORE infusions. We customize our unique treatments to each person and spend a great deal of time carefully considering essential elements of your infusion therapy that other practitioners are either unaware of, understand, or utilize.

— Our keys to rapid, more effective, and long-lasting results:

Our clinical experience, metabolic optimization program, and advanced infusion protocol.

"One-size-does-not-fit-all" is essential to understand when it comes to ketamine therapy. We believe that our Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled Infusion approach to each person we see is the future treatment standard in ketamine therapy.  After years of ketamine experience and thousands of hours of infusions, sitting side-by-side with each person,  we have seen what works and what needs to be improved to obtain the best results.

Our RESTORE infusions, the RESTORE Essential for mood disorders and the RESTORE Advanced for chronic neuropathic pain, are precisely optimized for your unique circumstance. It all begins by carefully determining who is the best candidate for RESTORE — not everyone is, and it is essential to match the right person to the proper treatment.

We then conduct a detailed pre-infusion Metabolic Evaluation and Optimization Program and utilize our Target-Controlled Advanced Infusion Protocol combined with Synergistic agents to tailor our treatment to your precise needs, maximizing your response to each RESTORE session. You can see the difference between the RESTORE Infusion® program and how most regular ketamine infusions are performed below:

— RESTORE  is The Next-Generation in Ketamine Therapy

— Our experience with RESTORE ketamine therapy is unmatched.

And, unlike any other program — we only see one person at a time — so you receive our complete attentionWe have spent many years perfecting ketamine therapy and have spent thousands of hours sitting beside each person throughout their infusion experience, learning everything we can about ketamine.

This approach has given us more direct "hands-on" clinical experience and knowledge about ketamine infusion therapy than anyone else in the field. And, not only have we performed thousands of infusions over the years, but we have also personally experienced what it feels like to have an infusion.

— With RESTORE, you have someone who knows what you're going through by your side.

We understand the ketamine experience better than most. And we are at your side during each session, adjusting, assisting, guiding, and monitoring you during the entire session. You are never left alone, with a friend, or with a nurse just "checking in on you" from time to time. Our level of attention to detail and your comfort is what makes the RESTORE Infusion® exceptional.

Learn how we developed the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion

RESTORE is the new "Gold-Standard" in IV ketamine therapy.

The advantages of RESTORE for our clients are clear:

More Effective - Up to 85% of our clients improve with RESTORE
Ultra-fast acting - feel better almost immediately!
Up to 6X longer-lasting - enjoy long-term relief!  Our clients can
experience remarkable relief than can last months to years after RESTORE
No monthly boosters - only 1-2 enhancement sessions/year.
Personal attention by experienced, knowledgeable staff who
have experienced the remarkable beneficial effects of RESTORE
for themselves. 

RESTORE  is more sophisticated, advanced, and effective than any other ketamine infusion, and the rapid, long-lasting results you achieve are well worth the investment.

Recognized Worldwide — The RESTORE Infusion Center

Our Sarasota Infusion Center Location has everything you need.

The Ketamine Research Institute — RESTORE Infusion Center is located along the HCA-Florida,  Sarasota Doctors Hospital medical corridor. Our unique location allows us to provide you with a safe, modern, integrated healthcare environment that offers a broad range of medical expertise and services immediately available. Cooperation among your physicians and mental health specialists is essential when dealing with complex illnesses. We work closely with your physician, our psychiatric colleagues, and those on our campus to bring you the best possible care.

We may not be right next door, but sometimes it pays to travel a little further.

Although our RESTORE infusion center is located in Sarasota, Fl, clients come to us from across the country and worldwide for the exceptional benefits of RESTORE.  They realize the value of our cutting-edge technique, expert knowledge, and the advantages of RESTORE infusions compared to regular ketamine infusions.

Our Clients come from around the world for RESTORE

RESTORE — Ketamine Research Institute, Sarasota, FL.

People come to us from all over the world:

International Clients from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, South America, Bimini, Barbados, Egypt, Ukraine, Netherlands, Viet Nam, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

US Clients: Alaska, Hawaii, New York, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Lousiana, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Maine, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Florida.

Local Clients have come to us from all parts of Florida: Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Venice, Naples, Pensacola, Destin, Tallahassee.

Traveling from Out of State or Worldwide.

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Ketamine Research Institute is located in Sarasota Florida, United States Ketamine Practitioner Training and Certification

It's important to be able to relax while you RESTORE.

The setting in which the RESTORE infusion takes place is essential to your overall recovery during the process. We chose to locate the Ketamine Research Institute in a tranquil beachfront setting, with lots of charm and hospitality, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It only takes 3 days for the RESTORE Transformation to occur...

Even though the treatment schedule is only 3 days, it is important that after the RESTORE session, you can relax and allow the benefits of RESTORE to take place in your body. We know that the best results are achieved when our clients are away from their routines and stresses and focus solely on getting better.

But, you may want to stay a little longer to enjoy it.

The RESTORE Infusion Program Difference*

Learn what RESTORE  can do...

"Rock bottom and out of options is where I found myself in 2016. Suffering from 2 to 3 partial/myoclonic seizures per week, intractable migraines, and severe clinical depression had left me broken and struggling to find the will to keep going.

I went through years of the awful gauntlet of tests and prescription meds whose side effects were as horrible as my conditions and did nothing to relieve my symptoms. My quality of life, due to all my health issues, had slowly disappeared and with 4 amazing children to care for, all hope had left me.

Then one day I came across a report about Ketamine therapy on NPR radio and started researching and was quickly led to the Ketamine Institute and Restore. After having years of awful experiences with neurologists, I was absolutely blown away by their balance of professionalism and impeccable bedside manner after our initial phone call.

That first treatment gave me my life back! The entire experience is absolutely incredible. They truly focus on treating the whole patient and are there guiding every step of the way. Best decision of my life."

SK - Milwaukee, WI

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That Is The RESTORE® Infusion Therapy Difference

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A Little About Us.

Our Founder and Medical Director

Gerald W. Grass, MD, is an internationally renowned and respected physician who served as Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, where the original ketamine infusion for depression was developed in 1994. He was also the Director of the Yale Pain Medicine Fellowship Program and served as Chief of Pain Medicine for the Connecticut Veterans Healthcare Administration.

Dr. Grass has more direct "hands-on" clinical experience performing ketamine-based infusions than anyone else in the world and has spent thousands of hours personally monitoring, assisting, and guiding patients during each infusion session himself. The knowledge, methods, and expertise gained has been invaluable in creating the RESTORE infusion.

He has broad medical training and experience in Anesthesiology, Neurosurgery, Pain Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Alternative Medicine. His wide range of experience includes working in hospital settings, private practice, academia, research, and clinical trials, which has given him insider knowledge on ketamine applications and has led to establishing new frontiers in ketamine-based science and treatment modalities.

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Dr. Grass has presented his ground-breaking research at regional and national conferences, meetings, and government agencies, including the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense. Dr. Grass is sought out by prestigious hospitals, academic institutions, and other specialists for his knowledge and experience in ketamine therapy.

Since 1998, he has been administering ketamine infusion therapy to treat chronic pain, immunological disorders, and mood disorders while pioneering the RESTORE® Infusion Program.  In addition, he established the Ketamine Research Institute as a treatment center and a hub for educating the next generation of clinicians in advanced ketamine therapy. His advanced training programs are designed to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively administer ketamine-based treatments, ensuring the highest standards of patient care.

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Learn more about the RESTORE Infusion Therapy difference.

Time is precious. You want to feel better as fast as you can and we do too, Experience the RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation.  Why have 6 inconvenient and time-consuming ketamine infusions,  wait two weeks for a 40-50% chance of feeling better that may only last for a few weeks, when you can RESTORE today?

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