RESTORE  Ultra-Rapid Infusion—The 90-Minute Transformation


Life Changes Here - The 90-Minute Transformation

RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion — Experience The Rapid Transformation

The RESTORE Infusion Therapy® program can reboot and-revitalize your life almost immediately. RESTORE  works so quickly, often following the very first session, many of our patients immediately begin to feel brighter, happier and more relaxed.

Our clients come to us from across the United States and Internationally because they value our extensive knowledge, clinical experience and our “one-on-one” personal care. They also appreciate that the RESTORE program  can be completed in just 3 days and that it lasts months to years longer than any other ketamine infusion therapy.

Our breakthrough RESTORE infusion program has been called "The 90-Minute Transformation" that can lead to ultra-rapid change and dramatic improvement by quickly “restoring” your neurochemical balance and rapidly “rebooting” neural connections that are associated with depression, anxiety, PTSD and stress related conditions. More than that, RESTORE has the additional benefit of reducing chronic stress-related cortisol production — boosting immune and hormonal function.

We understand that living with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, or chronic pain can be difficult, but considering RESTORE Infusion Therapy® is a step in the right direction.  And you’re not alone, we have been there too and we understand what it’s like.

Time is precious. You want to feel better as fast as you can and we do too — Experience the breakthrough RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation.  Why wait weeks or months to feel better when you can RESTORE today?

How is the RESTORE Program different from ketamine infusions?

     RESTORE is faster acting than ketamine therapy

The RESTORE ultra-rapid infusion program is unique and different in many respects from any other ketamine-based treatment program in the world. Unlike conventional ketamine treatments, which require 6 infusions over a two-week period to become effective, the RESTORE program can be completed in just 3 days and the improvements begin almost immediately.

     RESTORE lasts much longer than any ketamine therapy

Not only to the beneficial changes occur much more rapidly with RESTORE, the dramatic improvements in your mood, energy level and vitality last months longer (in many cases 1-2 years longer) than they do with ketamine therapy. This means with RESTORE, you will not need expensive and time consuming monthly “booster” infusions, ketamine nasal spray or lozenges to continue feeling belter as you do with ketamine infusions.

     We understand the transformational benefits of RESTORE 

More than that, because of our personal experience with ketamine therapy, we understand what you will see, feel and sense during the infusion experience. For many people, the thought of undergoing an infusion with a “mind-enhancing” medication can be challenging. Our patients often ask us… will it work for me?... what will the experience feel like?... what should I expect and is it safe?

We are in a unique position to answer those questions for you. While each RESTORE infusion session is different, each one builds on the last and can lead to a transformational experience, allowing you to experience a new, revitalized, and renewed perspective of life. Many people have told us that the experience they had during a RESTORE session was one of the most important life changing events in their lives.

     We give all our attention to just one person at a time with RESTORE

And we will be by your side throughout the entire infusion session personally assisting, monitoring and guiding you during the entire session. We only see one person at a time, so each person has our full attention. Unlike others proving conventional ketamine infusions, you are never left alone, with a friend, or in a treatment room with only a nurse “checking in on you from time to time.”  We know what an infusion experience is like and have experienced it for ourselves — so we are with you every step of the way.

     RESTORE - The future standard for ketamine-based therapy

We are proud of what we have developed and hope that our model and protocol will become the future standard for all ketamine-based therapy. Although the RESTORE infusion program is much more advanced and sophisticated than a conventional ketamine infusion, the results — at least in our opinion — are well worth it.

RESTORE is the new "Gold-Standard" in ketamine therapy.


The advantages of RESTORE are clear —The 90-MinuteTransformation

— ultra-fast improvement,
— provides long-lasting relief,
— only 2 maintenance sessions needed,
— Monitored and guided by experienced staff  and
RESTORE  costs less than ketamine infusions.

We only see one person at a time  and are right by your side to make sure you are safe, secure and comfortable through all of your sessions.


We don’t treat patients… we help people, one person at a time.

Take The First Steps… to RESTORE

An Internationally Recognized  Center of Excellence
for Advanced Ketamine-Based Therapy

Join with those who come to us from across the United States and internationally with some of the most difficult and complex illnesses imaginable to experience ultra-rapid relief. Many have suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Others have experienced severe chronic pain including migraines, fibromyalgia and neuropathy for years and have not found relief with standard medical or psychological treatment.

Our patients have often been labeled as “treatment-resistant” or have been told by well-meaning professionals to “you will just have to learn to live with it” and offered little hope. They have all tried prescription medications, therapy and some even magnetic stimulation (rTMS) or electroshock treatments without success.  But even in these difficult circumstances and despite the lack of success with other treatments, the RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation program can lead to rapid change and dramatic improvement, allowing you to enjoy life again.

All of us know exactly what it is like to deal with these issues, and we have first-hand experience with the benefits of the RESTORE infusions. So, if you would like to learn more about RESTORE and consider exploring this as an option for you, then please feel free to call our office at 800.850.6979.


What Our Patients Are Saying About the RESTORE Infusion Program

“In August I was in the worst depression of my life, feeling as if it would never end….While researching ketamine infusion centers we came across Ketamine Research Institute. The doctor spent an hour on the phone with us and we had an appointment within the week. I had three infusions which literally in every sense of the word restored my life within a week.

It can only be explained by a miracle. I am now on the least amount of psychiatric medications I have been since I was 13 years old. I enjoy my life each and every day. Don’t get me wrong everyone has their ups and downs and I do, but I’m able to brush it off. I’ve been given the gift of being able to smile a real true smile again!

I feel like me, better than me. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am going back to school to finish my master’s degree and my husband and I our relationship is just like it used to be.”

EP – New York, NY


The RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusions

restore ultra rapid infusion

RESTORE sets new standards for ultra-rapid and long-lasting relief, customized to each person and provided with one-on-one dedicated care.  We only see one person at a time, so you have all of our attention when you are with us.

The RESTORE program is so effective that patients who have not improved after multiple regular ketamine infusions are often referred to us for help. Even in these extreme cases, the RESTORE Infusion is can be very effective because it is a precise and targeted therapy combined with an innovative treatment protocol that greatly improves its ability to effect positive change.

That is why RESTORE is considered the “Gold Standard” in ketamine-based infusions.

Just compare the remarkable effectiveness of the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion in the treatment of major depression compared to standard antidepressant medications –

ketamine vs other treatments*2 or more antidepressants in combination and/or the addition of mood stabilizers or atypical antidepressants, with psychotherapy and/or ECT – Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Compendium – American Psychiatric Association

Why are the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusions So Effective?

It is becoming common knowledge that ketamine is the most effective and rapidly acting treatment available for depression, anxiety and PTSD.  Even the major drug companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Seelos Therapeutics and Allergan are stopping research into older antidepressants and rushing into the development of new drugs that they hope will come close to duplicating the rapid and remarkable benefits of the ketamine infusion.

Everyone’s interest in new ways to effectively relieve depression, anxiety and PTSD has been heightened since the discovery in 2006 that ketamine was the most effective therapy for mood disorders in the last 50 years. Recently, there has been an unprecedented renaissance and interest in other psychedelic compounds with less therapeutic potential and research behind them than ketamine since the FDA has granted fast-track approval for psilocybin and MDMA.

Research is in full swing with the announcement from Johns Hopkins on its development of the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. With a $17 million commitment for planned studies, the research will further help in advancing psychedelic treatment for mood disorders. Encouraged by the results seen with ketamine, pharmaceutical companies and venture capitalist such as Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank and Peter Thiel the Facebook and PayPal billionaire tycoon are investing heavily in psychedelic therapy utilizing various “mind-expanding” substances such as psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), Ibogaine (Ayahuasca) and LSD in hopes that it can be commercialized and approach the effectiveness of ketamine.

Unfortunately, these compounds only act at a very select few receptor sites and ultimately lack the rapid and broad range of therapeutic potential of ketamine. In addition, because they are known to exert prolonged psychoactive effects for 6-8 hours or more, they will require extensive “supervised therapy sessions” with a qualified psychedelic therapist. This requirement will greatly limit their ability to be effectively implemented in a clinical environment and few people will be able to participate.

There is little wonder why this is happening when you consider the dramatic improvements that can occur in just 24 hours after just a single ketamine infusion. But even the “standard” ketamine infusion, developed in 1994 at the Yale School of Medicine and used by many private centers and universities such as Yale, Columbia, Harvard and the National Institute of Mental Health is not nearly as effective or as long-lasting as it could be.

Even ketamine infusions are not as effective as they could be

Obviously, each person is different and can respond differently to any medication, but research has shown that six out of eight people can experience a dramatic improvement following ketamine infusion therapy that will last for about 4 weeks before needing another infusion.

” Ketamine can offer very dramatic and rapid relief — but the improvement
only lasts about 4 weeks”

The improvement may be a little longer in some and shorter in others. Those who benefit from ketamine therapy generally fall into what is known as a “normal distribution curve”. The majority of people (70%) will need repeat infusions every 4 weeks, while 15% of responders experience improvement lasting longer than 4 weeks and the remaining 15%, may need them even more frequently.

” Monthly ketamine "booster" infusions are necessary to maintain improvement, which become time-consuming and expensive"

Some have compared ketamine infusions to a “band-aid” type of approach to treatment in which you see improvement for a little while, but never quite obtain long term benefit. They feel as though they are substituting taking antidepressants every day in exchange for ketamine infusions every month. Many also find that the need to have 6 ketamine infusions over a 2-week period difficult to fit into their schedule and are disappointed that they need infusions every 4 weeks to continue feeling better.

So, given these limitations, the question became — could ketamine be improved and made to work even better?  We knew that with a little hard work, creativity and an innovative approach… it could!

So, we took a different approach…

As a former Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology of Yale School of Medicine where the ketamine infusion for depression was first developed in 1994, I have had many years of experience with ketamine and developed the RESTORE infusion to improve upon the basic ketamine infusion.

Rather than changing what we already know works or being satisfied with the short-term benefits seen with the standard infusion… we unlocked the full potential of ketamine and made it even better and longer lasting!

What Are The Important Factors To Consider?…

Although we were initially impressed with the research results too; it was also clear to us that there were many other factors that could influence how well the infusion worked. The first question that came to mind was the dose of ketamine they used the optimal choice?

After all, almost every medication available comes in various strengths for treating different conditions doesn’t it?  Take Prozac for example.  This very commonly prescribed antidepressant is available in 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 90mg strengths. The reason why it comes in so many strengths is because each person will metabolize the drug differently, some more slowly and others very rapidly, leading to very different amounts of the medication in their system. Also, we known that some conditions may be more difficult to treat, requiring more of the medication to be effective. This applies to ketamine therapy as well.

Another factor we considered was how various other medication a person may be taking can effect one another. Often when anyone starts a new medication, their practitioner or pharmacist will warn them about taking other medications at the same time because they might negatively interact with each other — the same is also true for ketamine.

The Steps To Making It Better…

So, just based on common sense and logic, there was room to improve ketamine infusions utilizing the same approach. The first step was to determine the most effective dose or blood concentration of ketamine that would be the most effective. Once that was determined, the next step was to understand the length of time necessary to maintain that concentration to have maximal effect. Finally, we sought to understand how each person’s metabolism, genetics and current medications could change how well our patients responded.

Over a 7-year period we were able to identify six critical factors that were important and determined the ideal infusion for each person. That endeavor led to the development of what is considered many the “Gold-Standard” of ketamine-based therapy — the RESTORE infusion.

RESTORE is Advanced: — Metabolic and Medication Optimization…

So, before we recommend a RESTORE infusion to any of our patients, we spend a great deal of time determining if that person is in the optimal state to obtain the best result possible. When we talk to our patients and review some of their medical records it is not uncommon to find that important lab tests were overlooked or never evaluated. We have also found that some patients have unrecognized metabolic deficiencies – Carnitine, Testosterone or Thyroxine that can influence responsiveness.  Others may have common genetic variations of enzymes such as MTHFR which can affect the process and they may need specific supplementation prior to beginning infusion therapy to have best results.

RESTORE is Effective: — Making Ketamine More Effective…

In addition to metabolic optimization prior to therapy, the RESTORE infusion process itself is unique in important ways. RESTORE utilizes a specific combination of ketamine together with what is known as a “positive modulator” — magnesium — to make it more effective than ketamine alone. Magnesium acts as a synergistic agent, or cofactor, which also works at the same NMDA receptor site as ketamine and is necessary for an optimal response. One of the critical factors we found is that magnesium must be given at the correct time and in the correct ratio to have maximal effect. When provided in this manner, it has been found to increase the responsiveness of NMDA receptor to ketamine by as much as 2-3 times.

RESTORE is Innovative: — An Innovative New Infusion Process…

Most importantly, we improved upon the older, simple infusion protocol that is currently used; updating it to a more effective and sophisticated 3-stage variable rate infusion. The RESTORE 3-stage infusion protocol achieves optimal ketamine-magnesium levels much faster and maintains those levels for a longer period of time than the older approach. By optimizing the infusion process in this way, the RESTORE infusion program not only achieves more effective concentrations of ketamine, it also achieves significantly higher levels of the important metabolites of ketamine — HNK (Hydroxynorketamine) and DHNK (Dehydronorketamine). Research suggests that it is these metabolites which are responsible for extending the long-term benefits of ketamine.

RESTORE is Personalized: — Monitoring and Personal Guidance..

For many, the thought of undergoing an infusion with a “mind-altering” medication can be challenging. We understand those concerns, but it may help to know that we have personal experience with ketamine-based therapy and know what it is like.  We know that the environment in which you have your infusion sessions is very important and we are right there by your side during each infusion to make sure you are safe, secure and comfortable.

Our infusion sessions are provided a spa-like setting with a pleasant visual and acoustic background designed to enhance the experience and we personally assist and guide each person throughout the infusion session. All of our staff have personal experience with ketamine-based therapy, so we knowledgeable about the experience and the process. We closely monitor all of your vital signs and provide any support, reassurance or guidance needed during the sessions. You are never left alone or unmonitored during the RESTORE session.

Although the RESTORE infusion program is much more sophisticated than a conventional ketamine infusion, the results — at least in our opinion — are well worth it. RESTORE only requires 3 days to complete, improvement occurs more rapidly and the benefits last months longer than any other typical ketamine infusion.

The Result: 

RESTORE  the Ultra-Rapid & Longer-Lasting Infusion

restore is better

The "Gold-Standard" in Ketamine Therapy

RESTORE Infusion Therapy® represents the new “gold standard” in ketamine infusion therapy. We are the only center in the United States that offers  the Yale-National Institute of Mental Health ketamine infusion, also known as the “standard ketamine infusion“, as well as, the more effective and longer-lasting RESTORE Advanced – RESTORE Essential and RESTORE Essential-PlusPGx Infusion.

Now you have choices….

Standard Ketamine Infusion


The RESTORE Infusion Program Difference

The RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Difference

Restore versus the Standard ketamine infusion

How Effective is RESTORE? – One Patient’s Experience

"Rock bottom and out of options is where I found myself in 2016. Suffering from 2 to 3 partial/myoclonic seizures per week, intractable migraines and severe clinical depression, had left me broken and struggling to find the will to keep going.

I went through years of the awful gauntlet of tests and prescription meds whose side effects were as horrible as my conditions and did nothing to relieve my symptoms. My quality of life, due to all my health issues, had slowly disappeared and with 4 amazing children to care for, all hope had left me.

Then one day I came across a report about Ketamine therapy on NPR radio and started researching and was quickly led to the Ketamine Institute and Restore. After having years of awful experiences with neurologists, I was absolutely blown away by their balance of professionalism and impeccable bedside manner after our initial phone call.

That first treatment gave me my life back! The entire experience is absolutely incredible. They truly focus on treating the whole patient and are there guiding every step of the way. Best decision of my life."

SK - Milwaukee, WI

See what our patients are saying about the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion

Read "Olive's View of Heaven"


That Is The RESTORE Infusion Therapy Difference

Learn how we developed the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion

So, Before You Decide….

chosse what is right for you

Having Options Is Important

Undertaking any form of new therapy or treatment for a serious medical condition can be a concern for you and your family. So, before you consider ketamine treatment with anyone, find an experienced and trained physician, ask a lot of questions and be satisfied with the answers.

Unlike other centers, I personally evaluate, select and treat each and every patient at the Ketamine Research Institute. I administer each RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Advanced Infusion myself and only see one patient at a time, so you have my full attention throughout the entire process. We spend a great deal of time with our patients before, during and after all RESTORE infusion sessions. This is a comprehensive and specialized treatment, so we take the time that you need to obtain the best results.

Learn why not all ketamine infusions are the same

A Little About Us…

The Ketamine Research Institute was founded to continually improve and perfect ketamine treatment for an expanding range of chronic illnesses. We have spent many years working to enhance and expand the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy.  Much of our work was inspired by our desire to help relieve the pain and suffering of seriously injured soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with complex pain, depression and PTSD issues.

After devoting almost 2 decades to the clinical use, research and development of this innovative therapy, employing precision medicine and targeted therapy, we have developed the most advanced ketamine-based therapy available in the RESTORE Infusions.  We have improved on the original standard ketamine infusion, making the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion the most effective, efficient and longest lasting treatment available — 3 RESTORE infusions exceed the beneficial effects of over 9 typical ketamine infusions.

We are a very specialized center devoted exclusively to RESTORE ketamine-based treatment and educating physicians in the use of ketamine. We focus solely on ketamine therapy to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to improve with our infusions.

More than that, we are leading the way in the field of ketamine infusion therapy and physician education by establishing the first International Training Program for Physicians in Ketamine Infusion Therapy. Our hope is to bring this remarkable breakthrough therapy out of the research lab and into your physician's office.

We are all in this together and we understand what it's like

We are committed to what we do because we understand what it's like to deal with these issues.  So, we will use all our knowledge, experience, training and expertise to help you. And while we cannot promise success in every case, we can promise and guarantee, that we will make every effort and take every step necessary to ensure that you have the best possible chances of recovery.

The RESTORE Infusion Center

The RESTORE Infusion Center is located on the campus of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota that enables us to provide you with a safe, modern, COVID-19 secure healthcare environment offering a broad range of medical expertise and services immediately available. Cooperation among your physicians is a very important element when dealing with complex illnesses and we work closely with your physician and those on our campus to bring you the best possible care.

Learn more about the RESTORE Infusion Therapy difference.

Time is precious. You want to feel better as fast as you can and we do too, Experience the RESTORE  90-Minute Transformation.  Better yet, we offer weekend treatments, so you can begin on Friday and be home on Sunday. Why wait weeks or months to feel better when you can RESTORE today?

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