The Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion is now available in Sarasota, FL

Make every day a good day…

Ketamine Research Institute, the leading international infusion center for the Restore Ultra-Rapid ketamine infusion, is opening a new and expanded infusion center on the campus of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

No single medication or combination of medications can compare to the rapid and effective response seen with ketamine. So, it is easy to see why many of the top scientists, physicians and researchers in the country are calling ketamine infusion therapy the most remarkable breakthrough in the last 50 years.”

Unlocking the remarkable potential of ketamine…

It is becoming common knowledge that ketamine is the most effective and rapid treatment available for many disorders including depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Even the major drug companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Janssen and Allergan are stopping research into older antidepressants and rushing into the development of new drugs that they hope will come close to duplicating the rapid and remarkable benefits of the ketamine infusion.

While the pharmaceutical companies are trying to make something almost as good as ketamine, the results have been disappointing. Even the standard ketamine infusion, used by many private centers, hospitals and the National Institute of Mental Health is not as effective as it could be and only provides short term benefits.

Using Precision Medicine combined with targeted therapy and personalized care, we have unlocked to potential of what has been described as the “the most remarkable breakthrough in the last 50 years.”…making it even better!

Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion

The Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion is the most rapid, effective and longest lasting ketamine based infusion in the United States for the treatment of depression, anxiety, migraines, as well as, painful conditions such as Fibromyalgia, neuropathy and RSD/CRPS.

Our patients come to us from across the country and internationally with some of the most difficult and complex illnesses imaginable. Many have suffered for years and have not found relief with standard therapies. Often, they were classified as “treatment resistant” and offered little hope.

But even in these extreme cases, the Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion can be rapidly effective. Often, in just 72 hours, after only 3 infusions, patients’ can begin to feel better, become more active and enjoy life again. Not only do they feel better more quickly, but also benefit from long-term improvement.

The Ketamine Research Institute

The Ketamine Research Institute was founded to continually improve and perfect this remarkable new treatment for an ever-expanding range of chronic illnesses. As the leading specialized infusion center, focused solely on ketamine based therapy, we are committed to developing new and innovative therapies through clinical research and educating physicians in the safe and effective use of ketamine.

Our “Targeted-Treatment” and innovative Precision Medicine approach has allowed us to dramatically improve on the original, standard ketamine infusion with Restore Ultra-Rapid Infusion therapy. Now we can accomplish in just 3 days what many others are unable to do with 14 days of infusion treatment.

Restore Advanced Infusion – Coming Soon

More than that, we will soon be unveiling the Restore Advanced Infusion. A new, cutting-edge infusion provided by our specially trained physicians in Restore Infusion Centers. This remarkable new treatment will be available in more locations, giving patients the opportunity to obtain rapid relief of their symptoms more conveniently, in a location nearer to them.

Our hope is to bring this remarkable breakthrough therapy out of the research lab and soon into a Restore Infusion Center near you.

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