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The "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians — Course Overview and Structure

GW Grass, MDAbout Our Program

As Director of the Ketamine Research Institute and speaking from the perspective of over thirty-five years of academic and clinical practice with ketamine therapy, I would like to tell you why my colleagues and I think that this program is the finest learning opportunity for clinicians to acquire the essential knowledge and clinical skills necessary for this new and exciting therapy.

This unique program allows clinicians to learn the fundamentals of ketamine administration and receive specialized training from experienced practitioners. The curriculum is designed for both novice and experienced clinicians and provides an in-depth overview of ketamine infusion protocols, side effects monitoring, patient safety considerations, and therapeutic approaches. Through exposure to the latest research findings and clinical insights, participants gain a deep understanding of the science behind ketamine and its potential applications.

The program also includes interactive didactic sessions, supervised clinical training, and case studies to help clinicians apply their new knowledge in real-world everyday practice settings. In addition, our expert faculty provide hands-on instruction and one-on-one mentoring to ensure that participants acquire the necessary clinical skills to administer ketamine infusions safely and effectively.

Overall, I believe that this program offers an unparalleled opportunity for clinicians to master the art of ketamine infusion therapy and become leaders in the field. With a thorough understanding of the science behind ketamine infusions and practical experience with administering them, clinicians will be equipped to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am confident that this program will provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skill to become leaders in ketamine infusion therapy.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

                                            — Gerald Grass, MD

The "Mini-Fellowship" Course Overview and Structure

Full Course Description

Course Organization: An Overview and Structure

The "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Training Course is divided into three sections - Didactic modules, Clinical modules, and Experiential sessions - which provide an in-depth and practical approach to ketamine therapy. Each module section builds upon the previous one to progressively increase your understanding of the basic and more advanced principles of ketamine therapy.



The didactic modules emphasize an in-depth and practical approach to ketamine therapy utilizing knowledge of the underlying principles of ketamine therapy. Each didactic module establishes a firm foundation in ketamine-based treatment, emphasizing an advanced precision-medicine approach. You will achieve significantly greater clinical effectiveness by using precision medicine and target-controlled infusions rather than a "one-size-fits-all," "fixed-dose" protocol.



The clinical modules allow clinicians to gain experience administering ketamine infusions under the close supervision of more experienced clinicians. In these sessions, clinicians perform and practice all the necessary steps that are essential to a successful infusion.





Going a step beyond, we offer experiential sessions in which clinicians are invited to personally experience what it is like to have a ketamine infusion. It is our experience that clinicians who have a first-hand understanding of what ketamine feels like, how it affects cognition, mood, and behavior gain valuable new insights into the "ketamine experience." These insights allow you to appropriately formulate an individualized infusion treatment plan for each patient and better prepare them for the unique phenomenology of ketamine therapy.

The Training Environment

All course training is conducted "on-site" and "in-person" in our infusion center. This format provides an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed, as well as get first-hand experience with all the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe and effective administration, storage, and handling of ketamine.

Course Benefits

Most importantly, our unique approach emphasizes three essential components of ketamine infusion therapy that are not offered in any other training program - Outstanding Didactic Modules - The recommended Supervised Clinical Training - An Experiential Component.

We believe these components are essential to acquiring the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to become a highly skilled clinician in ketamine therapy. Together, they provide the best opportunity for developing superior clinical proficiency and expertise.

Our Key Benefits:

1. A Personalized-Medicine and Targeted infusion Therapy approach to ketamine therapy,

2. Supervised clinical training administering ketamine as recommended by the APA and

3. The opportunity to personally experience a ketamine infusion.

4. Ongoing mentoring and clinical advisement for six months as you begin your ketamine program.

5. Inclusion in our extensive referral network for patients seeking qualified practitioners.

6. The only program that meets or exceeds all APA/ASA recommendations and recent state laws regarding the safe administration of ketamine infusions.

Our program is exceptional and exceeds consensus recommendations published by the American Psychiatric Association and the American Society of Anesthesiologists relating to ketamine therapy. We are committed to helping clinicians learn how to provide ketamine-based therapy safely and effectively.

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"Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians

3-Day Intensive Course

Our course not only covers all of the practical aspects of ketamine therapy but expands into scientific principles allowing optimization of the basic protocol.  All course training is conducted “on-site” in an actual infusion center so that you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed and obtain valuable clinical experience administering ketamine infusions under expert supervision. This includes utilizing all of the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe administration, storage, and handling of ketamine. 

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