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The "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians — Course Schedule, Fees, and How To Apply for Training

The "Mini-Fellowship" Course Schedule

We limit attendance to only 3-5 clinicians per class to ensure "one-on-one" personalized training:

September 18th through the 20th - One remaining opening available

The last training session for 2024 is tentatively scheduled for November - details to be announced

Private sessions for clinicians, nurses, and office staff are available upon special arrangement

The "Mini-Fellowship" Program is Specifically Designed for Clinicians (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and APRNs) in the Field of:

Psychiatry, Primary Care, Integrative/Functional Medicine, and Emergency Medicine

All training is conducted in our state-of-the-art infusion center at the Ketamine Research Institute in Sarasota, Fl
Full Course Description

Who Should Attend

Professionals In Community-Based Practice

Our "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Training Course For Clinicians is particularly well suited for clinicians (MD, DO, NP) in the fields of Psychiatry, Primary Care, Integrative/Functional Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. It was specifically designed for clinicians interested in ketamine therapy who are new to this unique modality and infusion therapy in general.

This course presents an excellent opportunity for professionals in community-based practice looking to expand their current medical services. Here's why:

Patient-Centric Approach: The course's focus on Patient-Specific Therapy and Responsive Drug-Delivery Control aligns perfectly with the personalized care typically offered in community-based practices. The methods taught will enable practitioners to customize treatments to each patient's unique needs, enhancing both effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Techniques: The course takes you beyond the traditional ketamine infusion protocol to more advanced, evidence-based pharmacokinetic modeling methods. Integrating these cutting-edge techniques into your practice can help set you apart in your community, offering a unique service that not all practitioners can provide.

Improved Patient Outcomes: By potentially increasing therapeutic effectiveness and reducing adverse effects, these methods can result in better patient outcomes. This can further build trust within your community, leading to higher patient retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

Professional Development: As a community practitioner, ongoing learning and development are key to staying at the forefront of healthcare advancements. This course offers the chance to broaden your knowledge and skillset, enhancing your professional growth.

Who May Not Benefit From This Training

For Those In Academic Practice and Commercial Venture

This course, however, might not be as suitable for those in academic practice or practices associated with larger commercial ventures due to the following reasons:

Patient Volume: Larger practices often see a higher volume of patients, which might limit the feasibility of implementing a highly individualized approach like the one taught in this course.

Protocol Standardization: In academic settings or large commercial ventures, there's often an established set of protocols that might not be as flexible for implementing new methods. The standardization necessary in these environments might make it challenging to integrate the more tailored approach taught in this course.

Resource Allocation: Implementing the advanced techniques taught in this course might require a significant investment of time and resources. Larger practices, with their more complex operational structures, might find it more challenging to allocate these resources compared to a more agile community-based practice.

In conclusion, this course offers an exciting opportunity for community-based practitioners to enhance their services and improve patient outcomes. However, the same benefits might not be as easily realized in larger or academic practice settings.

Course Application and Fees:

How to Apply:

To apply for the course, please contact us by email at, indicating your interest in ketamine-based therapy and how you plan to integrate it into your current practice environment. We will arrange to speak with you about the course and answer your questions.

Alternatively, if you are committed to training with us, feel free to download, complete, and return the Training Brochure/Application and email it back to us. In addition to the application form, please submit copies of your current active medical/professional licensure and a brief but thoughtful explanation of your interest in and planned use of ketamine-based therapy.

You may send the materials to us by email at or by Fax at 850-602-9013.

After You Apply:

Once all the documentation has been received and reviewed, we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your application, answer any preliminary questions you may have, and provide you with additional details about the program.

Application to the course does not guarantee acceptance. All applications for training are reviewed, and the class roster is filled on a rolling basis. Each of the offered training courses typically fills early, and submitting your application as soon as possible is beneficial.

Once Accepted:

Before beginning the course, it is helpful to have as much background in ketamine therapy as possible. Many physicians have a naïve view that a ketamine infusion is a simple procedure that support staff can perform and monitor while the clinician is attending to other concerns. That belief has led to the proliferation of "ketamine clinics" that often provide substandard care and have inconsistent or poor outcomes.

To help, we recommend that clinicians who attend the course complete a required reading list and review reference articles we provide. This material will assist you in gaining essential background knowledge, which will be very helpful to benefit from our didactic and clinical sessions and serve as handy reference material in your future practice.

Course Fees:

The registration fee for the 3-Day "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Training Course for Clinicians is $8950.00 — You will not be billed for the initial deposit of $2500.00 until formal acceptance has been granted.

Upon official acceptance, a $2,500.00 deposit will be charged to your credit card to secure your spot in the program. The remaining balance of $6,450.00 will be due thirty days before your start date. Should you need to cancel within 30 days or less of the course start date, you will receive a full refund of any fees paid, less your initial deposit of $2,500.00.

Please Note:

Accommodations are not included; however, a discounted rate is available for our colleagues with several of our partner hotels, including the Hampton Inn, Magnolia Inn, Ritz-Carlton, and Hilton Art of Ovation hotels.

CME Credits:

There are no Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits currently available for the course. I have considered obtaining Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits before, but the process is difficult, lengthy, and costly. Our training program includes small-group sessions that combine lectures with hands-on supervised training. Because we can only train a limited number of clinicians each year, it is not economically feasible for us to pursue CME accreditation at this time.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We no longer require attendees to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Please be aware that the course does not focus on the RESTORE infusion process, which is proprietary to the Ketamine Research Institute. However, much of the content of the course centers around the principles and methodologies used to develop RESTORE, including the proprietary data, core concepts, methodologies, and studies used to develop RESTORE. In the past,  it was our policy to ask all attendees to sign non-disclosure agreements that prohibit attendees from copying, sharing, or disclosing our proprietary information with others to protect the intellectual property of the Ketamine Research Institute. However, we have revised the program content, and we no longer require course attendees to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

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"Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians

3-Day Intensive Course

Our course not only covers all of the practical aspects of ketamine therapy but expands into scientific principles allowing optimization of the basic protocol.  All course training is conducted “on-site” in an actual infusion center so that you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed and obtain valuable clinical experience administering ketamine infusions under expert supervision. This includes utilizing all of the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe administration, storage, and handling of ketamine. 

How to effectively integrate ketamine therapy into your current practice

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