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The "Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians — What Our Graduates Have To Say About The Course

What Our Graduates Are Saying

"I am an Austrian psychiatrist. One year ago, I started using ketamine for the treatment of my depressive patients without formal training using the standard protocol published in the literature.  I decided to attend the Ketamine Institute’s training program to enhance my skills.

The Ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders” training course for physicians went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Grass' brilliance and profound professional expertise made this course an unforgettable and truly eye-opening experience. I can now understand Ketamine from a pharmacological, anesthesiology, psychiatric, medico-legal and therapeutic perspective. I could put the contents I learned immediately into practice and my patients are already profiting from the knowledge I gained."

Since completing the course, Dr. Landauro writes…

"I arrived safely to Salzburg yesterday. Today we are performing our first optimized ketamine infusion. My patients and I are excited about this.

I treated the first wave of my ketamine eligible patients. Last Friday I talked to Ingrid. She couldn’t stop thanking me. To be sincere, I would have never thought any kind of improvement to be possible in her case. Ingrid’s depression is cracked - not in remission - but really cracked. 40 years of treatment from some of the greatest minds in the country couldn’t do the trick; the brilliant new protocol I learnt from you did. She had her first “not very painful 2 weeks” she can remember. She still complains, she still feels bad - but not so bad. I will come back to Ingrid later…

The sheer fact that I have the option to apply the optimized protocol gives my clients strength. It’s a whole new experience for them when I tell them “you don’t have to suffer longer than you want to.” I make them aware that we can “eradicate” 80% of depressions in a week. It gives them confidence and a reason to hope.

I went to Florida to learn how to give infusions properly, I came back with a huge arsenal of psychiatric-psychotherapeutic power-tools.

I wish you would have heard Ingrid saying…
…thank you!"

— Dr. Med R Febres Landauro – Saltsburg, Austria



"Dr. Grass:

This is just a token of appreciation for your time and patience. When I enrolled in your program, it was not my intent to participate by exhaustively asking questions, but it became apparent that I had overestimated my fund of knowledge.

Although I have extensive clinical experience with ketamine, and I work at expanding my understanding of the fundamental physiology and pharmacology involved in the administration of ketamine for mental health disorders, I had no idea how much I didn't know.

All the knowledge that I had acquired needed the perspective and clinical understanding that you were willing to share. Thanks again for your help.

Your program exceeded all expectations"

— Mark Garwin, MD - Anesthesiologist


"Thank you again for an informative, enlightening, and practical course! Christy and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you, and we are excited to get all of our ducks in a row to get started with the ketamine infusions for mood disorders.

We appreciate your offer to send your forms/documents in a pdf as this will give us a great start in providing the right documentation, consent, etc… which interestingly our malpractice carrier is requesting. (I guess PA is not as progressive as FL.)

The course was fantastic….exactly what I was hoping for….evidence-based, scientifically yet practically oriented…allowing us to not only understand the basics of these treatments but some insights as to improve our successes and minimize the “failures” through careful patient selection and optimization.

I am looking forward to applying what we have learned to improve the lives of those in our community who qualify for this treatment and approach! We again thank you for the opportunity and look forward to staying in touch!"

—Theresa Burick, MD - Integrative Medicine Specialist



"The course was absolutely helpful! I needed this information to know how to start. Now I know what I need to obtain. However, I may still approach you when I have my first actual patient scheduled later this year and I would love some peer support from you and the others.

I felt I needed the hands-on information to be able to know what my clinic should be like, and now I have a lot of ideas. Also, I needed the scientific approach of how to calculate/know what plasma concentration can work for whom and how to possibly change it. Now I have something better I can work with than the Yale protocol as an IM or trochee dose (never seemed optimal and nobody explains it - yet people do whatever).

As I am not a psychiatrist or anesthesiologist I knew I had to do this training to cover my ass and I am grateful I did. I believe everyone working with Ketamine should experiment with it and other psychedelics. Nevertheless, you have to experience it to be able to serve others appropriately. Thanks for offering access to a personal experience, even for those who would not consider it otherwise.

— Rixt Luikenaar, MD - OB/GYN, Transgender Specialist


"The course was Fantastic. Thorough without drawing in details. Fluid and open to conversation. Extremely helpful and exactly what I was looking for! I now have a massive head start in helping the people in my community.

The course surpassed all my expectations. It was all good and encompassing. I think your style which allows for conversation toward what the participants find useful or of interest works really well. And having the day-to-day forms, infusions notes, and protocol/SOP forms are just so exceedingly helpful.

About the "ketamine experience"... for me personally I would like to try it again to get the larger experience! Unfortunately for you, I only trust you to do it. To see the differences between the way people respond to the experience really brought it home.

It was Excellent!"

— Edward Campbell, MD - Anesthesiologist


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was a good mix of science and practical knowledge. And of course, it was very helpful as I had no clinical experience with Ketamine and just a little knowledge from what I’ve read...

It gave me a clear road map moving forward. I’m sure there is a lot still to learn, but you never know what you don’t know until it arises....Having access to your forms and waivers, etc. is huge!...

No other training offers an actual infusion for us to experience what it’s like. Having done it now, I can appreciate how difficult it would be to explain it without having done it."

— David Smith, MD - Internist/Family Practice

Hey Jerry,

Thank you so far for your help! Seems no matter how much you read and study, every patient can be different so definitely an art to this and grateful to have you as an experienced practitioner in all this.

I have also had meetings with two physicians - psychiatrist and pcp and discussed my dosing and what I’ve learned from you, and really seems that your protocol definitely provides a better sense of science and overall safety for our patients.

It’ll be great to have more providers in my local area who are on board with sending me their patients and can trust what I’m doing here. Thanks again, and I’m sure we will be in touch again soon.

— Erin Boyd, DO -Lumina Mind Health

Become a Certified and Well Qualified Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinician.

Our training programs provide the knowledge, tools, and clinical training necessary for our graduates to achieve the same "remarkable" levels of improvement (70-75% improvement following ketamine infusion treatment) seen in well-controlled, high-level research studies. In addition, to increase clinical effectiveness our graduates report high rates of completion, and few, if any, "adverse effects" by using Precision Medicine and Target-Controlled Infusions. This advanced approach and optimized treatment protocol provide up to 50% greater effectiveness than the Standard Ketamine Infusion can achieve in "real-world" clinical practice settings for significantly improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.


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What Our Graduates Say About The Course

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"Mini-Fellowship" Intensive Ketamine Infusion Training for Clinicians

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Our course not only covers all of the practical aspects of ketamine therapy but expands into scientific principles allowing optimization of the basic protocol.  All course training is conducted “on-site” in an actual infusion center so that you will have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment in which infusions are performed and obtain valuable clinical experience administering ketamine infusions under expert supervision. This includes utilizing all of the necessary monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and supplies necessary for the safe administration, storage, and handling of ketamine. 

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