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Rapid Relief From RSD/CRPS Pain with...
The RESTORE Advanced Infusion

The RESTORE Advanced Infusion for RSD/CRPS

RESTORE is the only ketamine-based infusion that can be completed in just 3 days and provide long-term remission of symptoms without the need for continued monthly "maintenance" infusions like other ketamine treatments.

No one knows what RSD/CRPS pain is like

Friends and family sometimes ask you.... "what is the pain like?" If they are asking as a friend and you don't want to scare them away, you say, "It is the most pain I have ever experienced. It hurts constantly." After all, people suffering from RSD have already lost many friends because of the disease.  They don't want to lose more. If they are loved ones, you try and protect them. You don't want them to know how bad it is. You don't ever want them to truly understand how much you suffer because you know how much they would then suffer as well. Many times your answer is simply, "I am fine. It is nothing I can't handle." Once in a great, while you may let them know how truly horrible it is, after all, they see it in your eyes. But most of the time, you try and shield them from the depth of your pain. Sometimes you say "I am fine" because you are frankly tired of explaining it or tired of answering the question every single day.

Your pain is the same today as it was yesterday, the day before, the day before that, and the day after tomorrow. You try not to dwell on it too much, so you say, "I am fine." It's hard for anyone to imagine going through daily life where everything you touch or touches you, where almost every noise around you, from a passing car or plane to children playing, causes you pain. In addition to the enormous pain, you are already experiencing from the CRPS itself. Imagine living with that pain 24 hours a day, every day, for months, years, and longer.  

It is a severe and debilitating illness that causes terrible pain to not only those who have it but to their family, friends, and co-workers.

But we can change that now!

The treatment of CRPS/RSD is complicated at best, and many of the medications and therapies available do not help many people. But that may be changing now. The anesthetic drug ketamine is rapidly effective in treating depression and chronic pain, but it can also rapidly relieve pain in CRPS/RSD.  In our experience, for ketamine-based treatment to be effective, it must be given in the right amount and for the right amount of time. The RESTORE Advanced Infusion's remarkable effectiveness may be partly due to its ability to effectively block a specific brain chemical (glutamate) and "reboot" the brain and pain network.

Learn why not all ketamine infusions are the same

Restore for neuropathic pain

One of the factors known to contribute to CRPS/RSD is the neurotransmitter known as "glutamate." It has been implicated in the start and spread of the burning, intense "electric-like" pain, which is often typical of CRPS/RSD. The RESTORE Advanced Ultra-Rapid Infusion with ketamine effectively blocks glutamate at the receptor site (a little switch that triggers a reaction) in the brain. It stops the pain almost immediately in some cases. It's almost as if it "turns off" all of the switches for pain at once and "reboots" the system.  So now you can see...

 Fortunately, there is there is RESTORE!

What Our Patients Are Saying...

"... The experience is amazing and painless. I suffer from pudendal neuralgia, CRPS-1, and chronic pain, amongst many other diagnoses throughout my time in pain. Then the mental anguish that comes along with... whew!

After my very first treatment I experienced NO pain. I forgot what that feels like! I was beyond grateful and remember thanking him repeatedly throughout the procedure. Ketamine treatments are available where I live in Michigan, but there is no way I would ever have a standard infusion.

I'm a Dr. Grass patient for life! My "caregiver" sis-in-law actually decided he could probably create world peace! That's how amazing the experience was! I'm 2 days out of treatment but I'm HAPPY! It's like starting over with a whole new outlook on your disorder and really resets the "pain brain". I can't say enough positive words about the institute, Charlene, and Dr. Grass!

I've already recommended them to so many people! I hope I stay pain free, but I'm also looking forward to my booster just to even say hi! Also, as a weird metabolizer, he knew just the right formula. Most doctors don't understand my metabolism. Causing me to wake up during surgical procedures and feel all of the pain and remember the terrible experiences. Awful. He knew right away my heritage played a huge role in it and knew what to do! His credentials are beyond amazing and I just would highly recommend saving your coins (not covered by insurance) and calling ASAP. Get your life back!! You deserve it!!

MF, Michigan

What patients are saying about the RESTORE Infusion

If you are serious about getting your life back, then you're Ready to be RESTORED! with....
The RESTORE Advanced  Infusion

Now, There is Hope With RESTORE

The RESTORE Advanced Infusion is the most sophisticated formulation of ketamine therapy available today to provide rapid relief and remission from RSD/CRPS pain. Better than that, RESTORE is 3 times more effective, and relief can last 6 times longer than other ketamine infusions. Best of all, you can begin to have  relief in just minutes after the very first infusion.

If you've suffered with RSD/CRPS or other forms of neuropathic pain and almost given up hope of finding relief, now there is hope! It almost sounds too good to be true, but the number of people receiving RESTORE is growing rapidly. Today, almost 20 years after the breakthrough discovery at Yale, RESTORE is finally reaching the people who need it most.

Reboot your life with....RESTORE

Is the RESTORE Advanced Infusion right for me?

The best chance for rapid relief from CRPS/RSD or other severe neuropathic pain is from the most advanced and effective treatment available. The RESTORE Advanced Infusion is more effective and longer-lasting than other ketamine infusions, so you have the best chances of getting better. If you suffer from chronic neuropathic pain and have not had relief with prescription medication or other traditional treatment modalities, then RESTORE Advanced Infusion therapy may be an option for you.

With RESTORE, improvement can be seen within just hours and you only need 3 infusions over just 3 days. The fact that RESTORE is longer lasting than other infusions means that you only need 1 or 2 quick "reboot" infusions per year to keep feeling better all year long. And RESTORE is individually formulated and customized to your unique circumstances and conditions so you know that you will receive the best possible treatment that's right for you.

We are happy to provide you with more information to see if the RESTORE Advanced Infusion  is right for you. Just fill out the contact form below and we will get right back to you! 

The RESTORE Infusion Center

Our Clients come from around the world for RESTORE

At the Ketamine Research Institute, we have spent almost 25 years researching and developing ways to enhance the effects of ketamine to make it even better and last longer than the standard infusion. We have achieved those goals by combining cutting-edge research and innovations in Anesthesiology, Neuropharmacology, and Neurocognition to develop the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion.

The RESTORE infusion protocol is a significant advancement in ketamine-based therapy. In addition to the metabolic and genetic optimization of each patient we see, the RESTORE infusion is a unique combination of concentrated ketamine and magnesium additives to make it more effective. It is then administered by our physicians using a proprietary infusion protocol to provide optimal blood levels for a more extended period. That is why RESTORE is faster-acting, more effective, and longer-lasting than a regular ketamine infusion. And the beneficial results can begin in just minutes to hours after the first infusion.

Now, we have the ability to help even more people achieve greater, longer-lasting relief from chronic pain and depression with the most advanced formulation of ketamine available today!

OK, I'm ready....RESTORE me!

OK, I'm Ready to Be RESTORED!....
The RESTORE Advanced Infusion 

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