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"Our program represents the first standardized, Precision Medicine based ketamine infusion training course for clinicians that offers didactic, supervised clinical, and experiential training.  Our program meets or exceeds all APA and ASA recommendations while promoting more effective, safe, and uniform infusion protocols for ketamine-based therapy in the treatment of mood disorders"...

GW Grass, MD — Ketamine Research Institute

Revolutionize Your Practice: The Importance of Comprehensive Ketamine Training

Ketamine therapy has gained significant attention in recent years for its ability to rapidly and effectively treat various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. However, administering ketamine infusions safely and effectively requires a thorough understanding of the drug's pharmacology and proper administration techniques.

Ketamine Training: Gain Confidence and Equip Yourself to Safely Administer Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Clinicians interested in utilizing ketamine infusions as a form of therapy should strongly consider obtaining training that meets the American Psychiatric Association and American Society of Anesthesiologists' training recommendations. By attending a course that meets these standards, clinicians can have confidence that they are receiving the most current and accurate knowledge on the safe administration of ketamine infusions. This therapy has remarkable potential to help patients, which is why it is so essential for clinicians to be well-informed on how to administer infusion treatments properly. Not only will this help ensure safety for those undergoing the treatment, but it will also ensure that the therapy is being used effectively. Attending a training session will allow clinicians to reap all the benefits this new therapy provides fully.

Gain Insights and Skills Faster with In-Person Training From Experienced Professionals

While online training is an option, the importance of working with experienced professionals in person cannot be underestimated. In-person instruction from experts in the field provides numerous benefits, such as the opportunity to ask questions in real time and receive immediate feedback. In addition, you'll receive one-on-one instruction tailored to each person's particular interests and patient population with a customized learning experience that fits into your practice. It also provides quick access to relevant material and personal mentoring so you can begin honing your skills immediately. Furthermore, working with someone who has already gone through the same journey offers motivation and encouragement that would otherwise be difficult to find online. Personal instruction by experienced professionals can make a profound difference in skill acquisition and knowledge retention.

Maximize the Benefits of Ketamine Therapy with Comprehensive Training

One of the key benefits of attending a comprehensive ketamine training course is the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of this treatment. Through hands-on workshops and other activities, clinicians can learn about the science behind ketamine and its effects on the brain, such as how it interacts with different neurotransmitters. This knowledge can help clinicians make better decisions regarding when and how to use ketamine therapy and communicate more effectively with their patients about potential risks. Furthermore, clinicians will have access to resources that can help them stay up-to-date with new developments in the field and ensure they deliver the highest quality care possible. By understanding the pharmacology of ketamine and its effects on a patient's mental health, clinicians will be equipped to take full advantage of this innovative therapy.

Hands-On Experience in Administering Infusions Is Essential

Attending a comprehensive ketamine training course led by experienced professionals can provide clinicians with invaluable hands-on experience administering infusions. This practical approach is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of infusions and building confidence and skills to handle any potential complications that may arise during an infusion session. Not only does this allow clinicians to understand the science behind ketamine better, but it also helps them stay current with new developments in the field and ensure they are delivering the highest quality care possible. Experienced hands-on training will build a strong foundation for providing patients with successful and safe ketamine treatments.

Understand What Patients May Experience During and After an Infusion Session

Moreover, choosing a training course that offers the opportunity to gain a more personal understanding of ketamine therapy by receiving an infusion can provide clinicians with invaluable insight into what patients may experience when undergoing ketamine infusions. This firsthand knowledge can help clinicians better communicate the potential risks to their patients, such as any side effects that may occur during or after an infusion session. Furthermore, receiving an infusion will also give clinicians a better idea of how ketamine works in the body and how it can be used to treat various mental health issues. With this personal experience with ketamine therapy, clinicians can offer better advice and support for their patient's treatment plans.

Provide Patients With Safe and Effective Infusions

Finally, attending an evidence-based, high-quality ketamine training course is an essential resource for clinicians to stay up-to-date on the latest ketamine therapy guidelines. These courses allow clinicians to learn the most recent scientific evidence relating to ketamine therapy, ensuring that they are providing their patients with safe and effective infusions. Attending a training course that follows APA and ASA recommendations allows clinicians to be confident that their clinical practice is aligned with recognized best practices in the field. This helps ensure that patients receive treatments of the highest standard, giving them the best possible chance at achieving positive outcomes from their ketamine therapy.

To Learn More About Ketamine Training

Ketamine Research InstituteThe Ketamine Research Institute  is the only training program that offers an intensive, didactic, and experiential "Mini-Fellowship" in ketamine-based therapy. This is not a simple online course, but an opportunity for clinicians to come and spend several days with us in an immersive learning environment - an actual ketamine infusion center. This type of training is certainly more intensive and expensive to provide, but the education, experience, ongoing support, and mentorship you receive are invaluable.

Our program was designed by experienced experts in the field of clinical ketamine research and therapy. It incorporates the latest advances in our understanding of how ketamine works, as well as new protocols and techniques to enhance ketamine effectiveness in a "real-world" setting that is not available anywhere else in the United States.


The Programs We Offer

Whether you are a psychiatrist, anesthesiologist, internist/family medicine specialist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, we have a program designed specifically for you. We offer the most comprehensive ketamine training program in the United States, complete with a Precision Medicine/TCI-based approach to ketamine therapy, clinical experience, and ongoing support required to become highly proficient in this cutting-edge treatment.

Our training program offers a variety of courses that can cater to all levels of experience with ketamine. From comprehensive introductory courses to more advanced specialized training, we provide the information and clinical experience necessary to safely and proficiently administer ketamine therapy. Our Precision Medicine-based approach ensures that each clinician understands how to individualize care for each patient. Additionally, our team provides ongoing support and resources to help clinicians stay up-to-date on the latest research and developments in ketamine therapy.

If you are a clinician interested in offering ketamine therapy, be sure to do your homework and only consider training programs that are reputable and offer comprehensive instruction. It could be the difference between success and failure in providing this potentially life-changing treatment to your patients.

We are confident that no other training program in the United States can provide the level of depth, clinical experience, and sophistication required to become a highly skilled provider of ketamine therapy than the Ketamine Research Institute.


What Our Graduates Are Saying

The “Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Mood Disorders” training course for clinicians went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Grass' brilliance and profound professional expertise made this course an unforgettable and truly eye-opening experience. I can now understand Ketamine from a pharmacological, anesthesiology, psychiatric, medico-legal, and therapeutic perspective. I was able to put the contents I learned immediately into practice and my patients are already profiting from the knowledge I gained.

Ricardo Febres Landauro, MD - Neurologist/Psychiatrist

This is just a token of appreciation for your time and patience. When I enrolled in your program, it was not my intent to participate by exhaustively asking questions, but it became apparent that I had overestimated my fund of knowledge.

Although I have extensive clinical experience with ketamine, and I work at expanding my understanding of the fundamental physiology and pharmacology involved in the administration of ketamine for mental health disorders, I had no idea how much I didn't know.

All the knowledge that I had acquired needed the perspective and clinical understanding that you were willing to share. Thanks again for your help.

Your program exceeded all expectations"

Mark Garwin, MD - Anesthesiologist

"Thank you again for an informative, enlightening, and practical course! Christy and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with you, and we are excited to get all of our ducks in a row to get started with the ketamine infusions for mood disorders.

We appreciate your offer to send your forms/documents in a pdf as this will give us a great start in providing the right documentation, consent, etc… which interestingly our malpractice carrier is requesting. (I guess PA is not as progressive as FL.)

The course was fantastic….exactly what I was hoping for….evidence-based, scientifically yet practically oriented…allowing us to not only understand the basics of these treatments but some insights as to improve our successes and minimize the “failures” through careful patient selection and optimization.

I am looking forward to applying what we have learned to improve the lives of those in our community who qualify for this treatment and approach! We again thank you for the opportunity and look forward to staying in touch!"

Theresa Burick, MD - Integrative Medicine Specialist

"The course was absolutely helpful! I needed this information to know how to start. Now I know what I need to obtain. However, I may still approach you when I have my first actual patient scheduled later this year and I would love some peer support from you and the others.

I felt I needed the hands-on information to be able to know what my clinic should be like, and now I have a lot of ideas. Also, I needed the scientific approach of how to calculate/know what plasma concentration can work for whom and how to possibly change it. Now I have something better I can work with than the Yale protocol as an IM or trochee dose (never seemed optimal and nobody explains it - yet people do whatever).

As I am not a psychiatrist or anesthesiologist I knew I had to do this training to cover my ass and I am grateful I did. I believe everyone working with Ketamine should experiment with it and other psychedelics. Nevertheless, you have to experience it to be able to serve others appropriately. Thanks for offering access to a personal experience, even for those who would not consider it otherwise."

Rixt Luikenaar, MD - OB/GYN, Transgender Specialist

"The course was Fantastic. Thorough without drawing in details. Fluid and open to conversation. Extremely helpful and exactly what I was looking for! I now have a massive head start in helping the people in my community.

The course surpassed all my expectations. It was all good and encompassing. I think your style which allows for conversation toward what the participants find useful or of interest works really well. And having the day-to-day forms, infusions notes, and protocol/SOP forms are just so exceedingly helpful.

About the "ketamine experience"... for me personally I would like to try it again to get the larger experience! Unfortunately for you, I only trust you to do it.  To see the differences between the way people respond to the experience really brought it home.

It was Excellent!"

Edward Campbell, MD - Anesthesiologist

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it was a good mix of science and practical knowledge. And of course, it was very helpful as I had no clinical experience with Ketamine and just a little knowledge from what I’ve read...

It gave me a clear road map moving forward. I’m sure there is a lot still to learn, but you never know what you don’t know until it arises....Having access to your forms and waivers, etc. is huge!...

No other training offers an actual infusion for us to experience what it’s like. Having done it now, I can appreciate how difficult it would be to explain it without having done it."

David Smith, MD - Internist/Family Practice

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