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   Precision Medicine and Personalized Care

Just as we all know that no two people are exactly alike, we also know that they will not each respond to medication in the same way. Because of this, it is vital to select the right treatment for the right person to be maximally effective.

Precision Medicine and Personalized Care

What is Precision Medicine?

According to the National Institute of Health and the Precision Medicine Initiative, precision medicine is "an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person." This approach will allow doctors and researchers to predict more accurately which treatment and prevention strategies for a particular disease will work in which groups of people. It is in contrast to a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Disease treatment and prevention strategies were developed for the "average" person, with less consideration for the differences between individuals.

Although the term "precision medicine" is relatively new, the concept has been a part of healthcare for many years. For example, a person who needs a blood transfusion is not given blood from a randomly selected donor; instead, the donor's blood type is matched to the recipient to reduce the risk of complications. Although examples can be found in several areas of medicine, the role of precision medicine in day-to-day healthcare is relatively limited.

We have embraced this approach and applied it to the science of ketamine-based therapy to optimize all of our RESTORE treatment protocols and enhance our patients' outcomes. In this way, we strive to provide the most innovative and effective treatment available.

As a former Assistant Professor at the Yale School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology, where the ketamine infusion for depression was first developed,  I have used ketamine-based therapy for  many years, treating severe chronic pain conditions including PTSD and depression. I saw first-hand how the results could vary widely. I saw how important it was to "tailor" the treatment for each specific patient early on.

Over the years, it became clear that the "one-size-fits-all" approach didn't work well. I spent over ten years researching the various factors contributing to a patient's success or account for their failure to improve with ketamine.

Did You Know

Although RESTORE Infusion therapy® is effective in up to 85% of our patients, 15% may not respond at all. The reason some do not respond is complex and can include genetic variations in liver metabolic pathways, receptor site (NMDA, AMPA, HCN1) variations were ketamine works, and in others a variant of the brain protein called BDNF (val66met or met66met), which does not promote new neuron growth and reconnection as quickly, if at all. There has also been increasing research that suggests that low levels of acetyl-L-carnitine are associated with a lack of response to treatment.

In addition, the medications you are taking may profoundly affect your ability to benefit from ketamine infusions.  This includes some commonly prescribed drugs such as:

- Stimulants: Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, and Strattera.
- Chantix - varenicline
- Lamictal - Lamotrigine

That is why we carefully review all of your prior treatments, medications, and laboratory results before we consider a RESTORE Infusion.  We will request that you arrange to have medical records and laboratories forwarded to us for review. After reviewing the medical records, we may either arrange to schedule an appointment for infusions or request additional laboratory evaluations as may be necessary. Some of the extra lab work that is often very helpful includes:

CBC with differential
Comprehensive metabolic profile
C-Reactive Protein
Female - Estradiol Level – FSH/LH Level
Male - Testosterone Free, Direct, Total LC/MS
Thyroid Profile II, Comprehensive
Vit D, B12, and folates
homocysteine and methylmalonic acid (MMA)
RBC Magnesium
MTHFR variant - very important
Acetyl-L-Carnitine – very important
Genomind gene assay if possible

We strive to provide the optimal therapy for our patients, and we are sometimes surprised to find that others may have overlooked critical tests or other clinical information that has had a dramatic impact.

We "Target" Your Infusion...Precisely

As you can see, we understand that it is vitally important to consider individual differences in each patient and specifically tailor treatment to that person's unique circumstances. It is even more critical when considering ketamine-based therapy.

Until now, the standard ketamine infusion has been designed for the "average patient." Our approach differs from the traditional ones. We take the time to tailor our unique therapy to each patient, incorporating many factors that others are either simply unaware of or not completely understand. As a result of this "one-size-fits-all" approach, treatment results can vary widely - they can be very successful for some patients but not for others.

We know that it is critical to consider individual differences in people's genetics, metabolism, medications, life experiences, environments, and lifestyles. This information gives us the resources we need to target the RESTORE Infusions to each person's needs and the specific illnesses. Success requires time, expertise, experience, and attention to every detail… that's Precision Medicine.

Here Are Just A Few Examples

How Body Weight Measurements Effect Ketamine:

How Medications Effect Ketamine

How Genetic Heritage Effects Ketamine

People Are Different and Not All Ketamine Infusions Are The Same

The RESTORE Infusions are unique and were developed from 1998-2004 from earlier clinical research work utilizing ketamine to treat complex and severe neuropathic pain.

Realizing the difficulty with multiple infusions given over two weeks and the time-consuming need to return each month for "booster" infusions, RESTORE was developed to be more effective, faster-acting, and longer-lasting than the standard ketamine infusion.

How Effective Is It?

RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusions are very effective in up to 85% of our patients.  As a group, they have all suffered from severe and ongoing depression, anxiety, or PTSD and have been unable to obtain relief with standard therapies.  This includes all current antidepressants and psychotherapy and even magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and electroshock therapy (ECT).  More than that, we have helped people from all over the country who have even tried Esketamine (Spravato), Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), and multiple regular ketamine infusions that were unsuccessful — when it is done correctly, Precision Medicine combined with the RESTORE Advanced Infusion Protocol and Synergistic supplementation can make all of the difference between success and failure..

They were all classified as "treatment-resistant" and offered little hope. Many of them have been told by well-meaning doctors that "you just have to learn to live with it" and "there's nothing more we can do."

The Benefits of Precision Medicine – Targeted therapy means better results.

Even in these extreme cases, the RESTORE Infusions can be very effective.  Using a proprietary treatment paradigm and protocol combining Precision Medicine (including each patients' medical history, genetic and metabolic profiles, and unique individual characteristics) with Personalized Care (minute-to-minute physician observation and optimization of blood levels during each infusion), as well as the unique RESTORE supplement®  represents a remarkable advance in effective, efficient and long term improvement with the next generation of ketamine therapy.

Rapid Relief - Long-Term Improvement

The initial treatment series is just three 30-minute infusions, one every day for 3 days. Patients then begin to experience rapid relief, and the improvements last much longer. After that, RESTORE Ultra-Rapid patients can do so well that they only need one enhancement infusion at the 3-month mark to achieve long-lasting results. Following this, no other maintenance infusions may be required. Depending upon individual life circumstances and conditions, some patients may request or need occasional maintenance infusions on an "as-needed" basis.

So, if time is a factor or your condition is complex, severe, or of extended duration, then the RESTORE Infusion may be a better option.

Another Benefit - Effective for Many More Conditions

Mood Disorders - Migraines - Fibromyalgia - Pelvic Pain - Neuropathy

The advantages of the RESTORE Ultra-Rapid Infusion are clear: it is faster acting, more effective and longer-lasting than any other ketamine therapy.

RESTORE offers a long-term solution and improvement as opposed to short-term benefits of the standard ketamine infusion. But more than that, the RESTORE can successfully treat not only mood disorders but also migraines, fibromyalgia, and painful neuropathy - including CRPS/RSD, while the standard infusion cannot. Many have also found substantial relief from pelvic pain and associated vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia with RESTORE. Through our clinical research, we are beginning to find that it may also be helpful in Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's Disease and MS pain syndromes.

Now you have choices....


RESTORE is changing the way things are done

The RESTORE Advanced Infusion and the RESTORE Essential Infusion are very different from the basic ketamine infusion. We realize that each person is unique, has different needs, experiences and may respond differently to any medication. This must to be taken into account for each person; we know that one size "dose" does not fit everyone.

The RESTORE Infusions are individually tailored to meet your needs and are more effective and can last 6X times longer than other infusions. We have been able to achieve those goals by combining cutting edge research and innovations in the fields of Anesthesiology, Neuropharmacology and Cognition to develop the new RESTORE Infusions.

We understand that living with depression, migraine headache, fibromyalgia or chronic pain can be difficult, but considering a RESTORE Infusion is a step in the right direction. And you’re not alone. RESTORE therapy has been used to treat hundreds of patients all across the country. Learn more about how we can help you today.


Changing the way we approach chronic illness...
Restore Advanced Infusion and the RESTORE Essential Infusion

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