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Why the RESTORE Protocol Has Not Been Published in Medical Journals

The Advantages of Presenting the RESTORE Infusion Protocol at National Medical Meetings Over Publishing in Journals


The RESTORE infusion protocol has shown significant potential in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and durability of ketamine infusion therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression. However, the results have not been published in medical journals; instead, they have been presented at national medical meetings. This article explores the reasons behind this decision and highlights the benefits of presenting the RESTORE protocol at national meetings.

Protecting Proprietary Information

One primary reason for not publishing the results of the RESTORE infusion protocol in medical journals is the need to protect proprietary information. The journals considered for submission required the acceptance of a wide-sweeping Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), which could potentially compromise the confidentiality of the information during and after publication. By avoiding publishing the results in public domain platforms such as PubMed/MEDLINE, we, as innovators in advanced ketamine-based therapy such as the  RESTORE protocol, can better protect our trade secrets.

Obviously, after devoting years to research and clinical evaluation, we have a vested interest in protecting the proprietary information related to our infusion protocol. MTA agreements could potentially open up the disclosure of sensitive intellectual property, including protocols and research data, to competitors who are not authorized to view such information. Such disclosure could lead to patent infringement claims or even product launches by unauthorized companies. Through the avoidance of a publication in medical journals, we have opted to protect our intellectual property and safeguard our extensive investments in developing this approach.

Sharing Results at National Medical Meetings

While concerns about proprietary information have prevented publication in journals, the RESTORE protocol has been presented at various medical meetings. These include the American Society of Regional Anesthesia in 2016, the Annual Psych Congress meeting in 2022, and the International Brain Disorder meeting, and it has also been accepted for presentation at the 2023 Annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Presenting at national medical meetings allows for the dissemination of the protocol and its results within the medical community while maintaining control over the proprietary information.

Targeted Audience and Focused Discussions

National medical meetings provide an opportunity to share the RESTORE protocol with a targeted audience of professionals in the field of psychiatry and mental health. This targeted approach facilitates more focused discussions and networking among professionals who can provide valuable insights and potential collaboration opportunities. The ability to engage in meaningful dialogue with peers can lead to a deeper understanding of the protocol's applications and potential improvements.

Real-Time Feedback and Exchange of Ideas

The RESTORE infusion protocol has been developed over several years, using a rigorous clinical evaluation process to ensure safety and efficacy. The results of the protocol have been consistently positive, demonstrating improved outcomes for patients with treatment-resistant depression.

Presenting the RESTORE protocol at national medical meetings enables real-time feedback and the exchange of ideas among experts in the field. This dynamic interaction can lead to valuable input and potential refinements to the protocol, enhancing its effectiveness and applicability. Additionally, these exchanges foster a collaborative environment where medical professionals can share their experiences and learn from one another. Through this approach, we hope to continue to refine the protocol and maximize its effectiveness in treating treatment-resistant depression.


While protecting proprietary information has led to the decision not to publish the RESTORE infusion protocol in medical journals, presenting the results at national medical meetings offers several advantages. These meetings provide a targeted audience, focused discussions, and real-time feedback from professionals in the field, which can lead to valuable insights and improvements to the protocol. By sharing the RESTORE infusion protocol at national medical meetings, the medical community can still access and benefit from its promising results, while the creators maintain control over their proprietary information.

At the end of the day, it is important to recognize that the presentation of our RESTORE Infusion Protocol at national medical meetings is a strategic decision to safeguard intellectual property and to ensure that the results are presented in an environment that fosters meaningful dialogue, feedback, and exchange of ideas. By utilizing this approach, we can help ensure that our protocol remains effective in treating treatment-resistant depression while protecting our proprietary information.


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